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It's Gotta Be the Logo

on 12/31/2002


It was a dark year for the Milwaukee Brewers. With the completion of the 1993 campaign, Robin Yount hung up his spikes for good. The Brewer faithful already lost Paul Molitor the previous year. Along with losing two future Hall of Famers in as many years, something far worse was about to happen. The beloved "Ball and Glove" logo would be replaced with a knockoff logo closely resembling the Notre Dame logo.

Not only was it unattractive, it was also unoriginal. This logo didn't last long. Within a couple of years, the "Motor Bane" logo, as it was called, was replaced with a simple "M." It wasn't very attractive, nor did it last long. Then, with the opening of Miller Park, the Brewers decided to switch to a logo that has a striking resemblance to the Miller Beer logo. It's probably just a coincidence.

The point to this is simple. The glory years of the Brewers began in 1978, which was also the year the "Ball and Glove" logo was introduced. The Brewers used this logo for sixteen years, producing ten winning seasons, five losing seasons, and one season breaking even. Meanwhile, in the nine seasons the team has played musical logos, not once has it even come close to a winning season.

Many of the pieces of the puzzles such as Cecil Cooper, Mike Caldwell, and Stormin Gorman Thomas came into their own at the same time. Despite injuries, Cooper produced just one of his many .300 seasons, Caldwell would have won the Cy Young Award had it not been for the inhuman season by the Yankees' Ron Guidry, and Thomas returned from the minors to pound a ton of homers. This was the team that would win a lot of games, and eventually go to the World Series.

The Brewers would bring a lot of joy to its fans from the late 1970s through the early 1990s. There were two playoff appearances along with many years of tight pennant races, including the 1988 season where the team was no eliminated until the final weekend. That team could never beat Dave Stewart and his Athletics back in the late 80's.

Despite the fact that many baseball fans felt the Brewers had the best logo in the league, the team still switched logos after the 1993 season. Short term, it looked like a good idea. The team sold a larger number of hats, jerseys, and other memorabilia than it had in years. Long term though, it was a problem. Not only hasn't the team had a winning season since replacing the "Ball and Glove" logo, it also lacked the excitement of teams past. There is an obvious solution to this problem. Bring back the "Ball and Glove."

Bringing back the "Ball and Glove" logo would help the team in many ways. First, many fans have lost touch with the team. Some fans that grew up with the old logo have trouble accepting the merry-go-round of logos that the team has used over the past ten years. With the push towards nostalgia in the new millennium, it would only make sense that the fans would appreciate the return of the "Ball and Glove." Secondly, the current uniforms are very drab. The team has never had any success in these uniforms. Quite simply, they don't know how to win. This is not to say that a simple uniform change would turn the team around, but it couldn't hurt. Remember, the only Brewer team to ever play in the World Series wore the "Ball and Glove" logo.

Lastly, and to some most importantly, one day everyone hopes Robin Yount returns to uniform in Milwaukee. Whether tomorrow or five years from now, he needs to come home. It would be sacrilegious for him to wear any other logo on his hat. It's hard enough to watch him in his Diamondbacks' uniform, but since he lives there, he is excused.

To some, it might seem crazy to suggest a change of logo could change the fortunes of a team. But considering how horrible this team has been over the past decade, any form of return to its past glory would have to be a positive step! And a positive step would be bringing back the best logo in baseball history, the "Ball and Glove."


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