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Minor League Midseason Report, Part 2

on 07/29/2003


It's report card time in the second half of the minor league midseason report here on Brewerfan. Depending on who you are, you might really enjoy report cards, or they might be one of those things that you try to toss in the garbage before your parents realize that it is about that time of year.

For this exercise, I am the teacher making the grades, the players are my pupils, and you are the parents. As is your rite as a parent, you may or may not agree, and if you want, you can schedule a parent-teacher conference with me at your convenience. I will not be giving report cards to players in Helena or Arizona, because none of them have been playing long enough to warrant a grade, but don't worry, they will get their grades at the end of the year, too.

After the grading section, I will also announce the Brewerfan Midseason All-Minor League first and second teams for even more excitement and discussion. I know you are all looking forward to that.

Player grades are the same as in the classroom, A-F. Any player that has played on a team is eligible to receive a grade, although some Incompletes will also be handed out, because it's not fair to grade on only a handful of at-bats or innings pitched. So, without further ado, here's Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Indians Player Report Card

Billy Hall, IF: B: Switched to leadoff spot, and started turning things around a lot
Jim Rushford, OF: B: Hitting for average yet again
Mark Smith, OF: B: Consistent hitting and some power spurts
Keith Luuloa, IF: B-: Hitting with a lot of power for a utility guy
Pete Zoccolillo, OF: B-: Solid, if not great, AAA debut

Mark Budzinski, OF: C+: Started out hot, but cooled off and was traded
Doug Jennings, OF: C: Hot start, and still hits with power, but no average
Steve Scarborough, IF: C-: Horrible start, but playing very well lately

Jason Conti, OF: D+: Hit for the cycle, but that's about it
Joe Lawrence, UT: D+: Drew some walks and not much else
Cody McKay, C: D+: Started slow and hasn't recovered
Scott Seabol, IF: D: Released after not producing
Wilton Veras, 3B: D: Has never gotten off the ground with the bat

Brady Clark, OF: Played briefly on a rehab assignment;
Alex Delgado, C: Limited playing time behind McKay since signing;
Jed Hansen, IF: Released in second week of season;
Ryan Knox, OF: Briefly called up to fill roster spot;
Rich Paz, IF: Recent call-up;
Lee Stevens, 1B: Retired a month in to season

Danny Kolb, RHRP:
A: Electric stuff got him a promotion
Shane Nance, LHRP: A-: Stellar in AAA, not so much in Milwaukee

Jason Childers, RHRP: B+: Making a push for a 40-man spot
Ben Ford, RHRP: B: Allows too many base hits, but finding a groove in relief
John Foster, LHRP: B: Pitched well, but nothing dominant
Nate Teut, LHSP: B-: Injury problems, but a good season

Rob Marquez, RHRP: C+: Once again solid
Mike Buddie, RHRP: C: Injuries have derailed decent season
Pasqual Coco, RHSP: C: Inconsistent early, but has been solid for awhile now
Dave Manning, RHSP: C: Started hot, now slumping back to normal
Dave Burba, RHSP: C-: Pitched well enough to get to Milwaukee
Rob Giron, RHRP: C-: Many more downs than ups, lost closer's role
Travis Miller, LHSP: C-: In and out of rotation, now battling injuries

Francisco Campos, RHSP: D+: Got hit hard, and often, before going to Mexico

Doug Davis, LHSP: Just signed as big-league insurance;
Jayson Durocher, RHRP: Played briefly on a rehab assignment;
Leo Estrella, RHRP: Didn't pitch much before call-up to Milwaukee;
Mark Guerra, RHSP: Retired after 4 starts;
Brooks Kieschnick, RHRP: Called up after 13+ bad innings;
Derek Lee, LHSP: Promotion to AAA has worked out well so far;
Luis Martinez, LHSP: Great first start, let's see where it goes from there;
Wes Obermueller, RHSP: Made only two starts before promotion;
Ruben Quevedo, RHSP: Made 5 very good starts before promotion;
Joe Roa, RHSP: Made 4 OK starts before signing with Colorado;
Glendon Rusch, LHSP: Successful in 3 starts;
Jamey Wright, RHSP: Released before it got much worse

Huntsville Stars Player Report Card

J.J. Hardy, SS: A-: Recent slump notwithstanding, one heck of a season

Corey Hart, 3B: B+: Has gone through a few slumps, but the average is still up there
Ryan Gripp, IF: B: Pinch-hitting role has suited Gripp more than well
Dave Krynzel, CF: B: Striking out a lot, lots of CS, but still making strides

D.J. Clark, OF: C+: High OBP, no power
Brandon Gemoll, 1B: C+: Average fluctuates wildly, decent power
Rich Paz, IF: C+: High-OBP play got him promotion to AAA
Noochie Varner, OF: C+: Good average, decent power, no walks
Chris Barnwell, IF: C-: Hitting maybe better than expected
Ryan Knox, OF: C-: Doesn't walk nearly enough to utilize speed

Mike Kremblas, C: D+: Could do worse for a backup AA catcher, but better, too
Chris Cosbey, OF: D: Backup OF was traded a few months into season
Kade Johnson, C: D: OK power, plate discipline, complete lack of base hits

Cristian Guerrero, OF: F: Wore out welcome finally

Joel Alvarado, C: Didn't hit, was sent down;
Geoff Jenkins, LF: Rehab assignment;
Alejandro Machado, 2B: Recent acquisition still getting familiar with Southern League;
Brian Moon, C: Let go a few weeks into season;
Brad Nelson, LF: Just promoted

Luis Martinez, LHSP: A-: Huge half-season lead to promotion to AAA

Mike Adams, RHRP: B: Usually very good out of the pen
Mike Jones, RHSP: B: Not great secondary numbers, but ERA is hard to argue with
Matt Childers, RHRP: B-: Has a horrible June, but pitched well otherwise
Ben Diggins, RHSP: B-: Injured arm after 8 starts
Ben Hendrickson, RHSP: B-: Elbow problem cost him almost 2 months
Derek Lee, LHSP: B-: Pitched very well in AA again, weird
Pedro Liriano, RHSP: B-: Only remaining starter not to miss a start
Ryan Miller, RHRP: B-: Tends to give up runs in bunches, but generally solid
Matt Parker, RHRP: B-: Has started and closed games and has been very useful

Ken Ray, RHRP: C+: Given his age, you'd like to see a little better
Brian Adams, LHRP: C-: ERA is alright, but K:BB ratio is not at all

Tim Crabtree, RHRP: Retired after arm didn't heal right;
Doug Davis, LHSP: Spot start before promotion;
Matt Hammons, RHRP: Released despite turning things around;
Jeff Housman, LHSP: Only 2 starts since promotion;
Jeff Robinson, RHSP: Released after injury problems;
Jason Shelley, RHSP: Just signed from indy league

High Desert Mavericks Player Report Card

D.J. Clark, OF: A: Clearly too good for the Cal League

Jason Belcher, OF: B: Power numbers weren't great, but batting average was
Kade Johnson, C: B: Slaughtering Cal League pitching before promotion
Brad Nelson, LF: B-: Cut down on K's, but didn't drive the ball

Dan Boyd, OF: C+: Injured wrist put him out of action in June, OK bat
Chris Morris, CF: C+: Speedster had a tough time making consistent contact
Johnny Raburn, UT: C+: No power, not great batting average, plenty of walks
Froilan Villanueva, IF: C+: Didn't walk enough or get the ball in gaps enough
Joel Alvarado, C: F: Didn't hit anything and has nagging injuries
Scott Candelaria, IF: C: An OPS of under 700 isn't too good in the desert
Mark Ernster, IF: C: Injuries derailed Brewers comeback
Brian Foster, C: C-: A lot was expected of him, but a free swing hasn't worked
Ralph Santana, IF: C-: Played well through June, but hit a huge slump

Ozzie Chavez, SS: D+: Arm injury delayed start to season, bat still waiting to start
Todd West, IF: D+: Yet another utility guy who didn't hit enough

Incomplete: Jeremy Frost, UT: Former catcher driving the ball well early; Cristian Guerrero, OF: Claimed off waivers after 12 AB;

Jeff Robinson, RHSP: B-: Showed good grasp of the league before being promoted

Justin Backsmeyer, RHRP: C+: Maybe most consistent pitcher, but in a rut
Jeff Hundley, LHRP: C+: Effective and keeps the ball down
Dave Nolasco, RHSP: C+: Pretty good as a starter, recently promoted
Tony Stavros, RHRP: C: Prone to giving up runs in bunches, but mostly solid
Bobby Bystrowski, RHRP: C-: Started out hot, but has hit a huge wall
Justin Gordon, LHRP: C-: Just allowed way too many baserunners
Chris Saenz, RHSP: C-: If not for the home runs allowed, would have been decent

Aaron Dean, RHRP: D+: Has been OK, but is prone to disastrous outings
Chad Petty, LHSP: D+: Got lit up a lot early, slowly becoming better
Dan Hall, RHSP: D: Way too hitable with ball up in zone
Dan Kolb, RHSP: D: Got killed by a horrific number of home runs

Tommy Marx, LHRP: F: Completely ineffective
Brian Mazone, LHSP: F: Ridiculous that he was even left out there for so long

Incomplete: J.M. Gold, RHSP: Injured after 2 starts; Ken Ray, RHRP: Promoted to Huntsville after 7 appearances; Greg Schaub, RHRP: Injured and the retired after 8 mostly good outings; Pete Smart, LHSP: Also injured and since retired, but couldn't keep runs off the board; Danny Stout, RHRP: Recently signed

Beloit Snappers Player Report Card

Prince Fielder, 1B: A: Despite mid-half slump, put everything together at the plate

Tony Gwynn, CF: B+: Started pro career hot, started to tail a little
Kenard Bibbs, OF: B: Good batting average, more walks would be nice with speed
Steve Moss, CF: B: Injuries delayed start, made early finish, but very good when healthy
John Vanden Berg, C: B-: Drew more walks and hit better as season went on

Callix Crabbe, 2B: C: Slumped to begin season, defense iffy at best
Pedro Esparragoza, C: C-: Light bat, not enough walks
Jeff Eure, IF: C: Struck out too much, but kept average at OK level, good power, speed
Mario Mendez, OF: C-: Spurts of productivity

Travis Hinton, OF: D+: Came on as season progressed, but slow start kept numbers down
Chas Terni, SS: D+: Would have been OK if batting average was about 50 points higher
Adam Heether, IF: D: Started pro career not so hot
Keith Bohanon, IF: D-: Played sporadically, never got bat going

Nic Carter, OF: F: Never utilized any of his tools

Incomplete: Mark Ernster, IF: Promoted after a few weeks of play; Josh Murray, SS: Injury cut season short

Jeff Housman, LHSP: A: Amazing season earned him promotion to
AA Manny Parra, LHSP: A: Did just about everything right

Tim Bausher, RHRP: B+: Midseason pickup was dominant out of pen
Tom Wilhelmsen, RHSP: B+: Pitched very well all season until arm injury
Josh Alliston, RHRP: B: Emerged as a good late-game pitcher
Jason Baker, RHRP: B: Injury problems slowed season down, but came on late
Bo Hall, RHRP: B: Bullpen's most consistent force
Dennis Sarfate, RHSP: B: Gave up runs and walks in bunches, but mostly very good

Jon Huizinga, RHRP: C+: Solid performance out of the pen for midseason signee
Luis Pena, RHSP: C+: ERA was good, strikeout/walk rate was not
Gabe Mendoza, LHRP: C: On fire to begin season, had big troubles and was demoted
Khalid Ballouli, RHSP: C-: Arm trouble sidelined him for about 2 months
Cal Carpenter, RHSP: C-: Arm injury put him on the shelf, wild when on the mound
Justin Gabriel, LHRP: C-: Got thing going right before being released

Craig Breslow, LHRP: D+: Started out red hot, cooled off a lot
Ryan Trytten, RHRP: D-: Unacceptable number of walks and hits given up

Incomplete: Eric Henderson, RHSP: Just called up from Helena; Jon Steitz, RHRP: Injury problems to begin season and released after 4 appearances

Brewerfan Midseason All-Minor League First Team

After careful deliberation and the flipping of various coins, I am proud to present's Midseason All-Minor League First Team. Selections were not made on prospect status, however, age versus league was taken into consideration. Drum roll please


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