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Juiced, Part II

on 02/21/2005


The fallout from the book, "Juiced," by Jose Canseco, so far is that it seems that lots of people knew all along that he juiced. Tony La Russa, manager when Canseco and McGwire played together in Oakland, has admitted that Canseco used to brag that he did not have to work out as hard as others because of his "Little helper." He had earlier claimed no knowledge of any player using steroids. His new statements seem to point the finger at Canseco as a lone gun steroid user, and that Canseco believed everyone else is a sucker for not juicing. Canseco, on the other hand, claims to have been the "Godfather of steroids." Forever more, this story is a he said she said affair. Canseco will fight for credibility, the rest of the baseball universe will deny everything and point the finger at Canseco. So what do we make of this mess? How serious is the situation? How much better of a player does steroids make a juicer? The bottom line that needs to be established is how much better a player does cheating make a player?

First of all, ther is an old saying that states, "Never trust anyone who says


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Juiced, Part II
No Joy in Mudville

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