Behind the Microphone -- Brevard County's Kirk Agius

on 02/20/2008


Brewerfan.net's series of interviews with the Brewer affiliate announcers continues with Kirk Agius, who was a big part of the maiden season of Brevard County Manatee on-the-air action in 2007.

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Please also look forward to our upcoming installments with West Virginia's Andy "Bull" Barch, and Helena's Steve Wendt later this month. We're updating our home page once a week with the series in order to gear you up for not only the big league Brewer season, but the kids on the farm as well.

Brewerfan: Kirk, it was an added bonus in 2007 for Brewer fans when the Manatees became one of the few Florida State League clubs to make most of their broadcasts available online. Can you update us as to what the plans are for 2008? For the most part, the Manatee network's pre-game interviews involved mainly discussions with the manager (John Tamargo in '07). Are there plans to include more players in the pre-game mix this season, and will the broadcast staff work with MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) to include those conversations in their archives?

Kirk Agius: I would first like to personally thank you Jim, for putting in the time and effort that you have for these chats with the Brewers' minor league announcers. Not to mention, you have done such a wonderful job keeping everyone updated on the latest through Brewerfan.net. However, it is with sadness that I regret to inform the Brewer nation that it appears radioand web-based audio has been pulled from the plans in 2008. Although radio was a great success for the Manatees last year, it is tough to maintain at this level when it comes to expenses. It would be nice to work out a limited on-air schedule with the ball club, even only web-based, but nothing is official just yet.

Yeah, needless to say there was plenty of John Tamargo last season (laughing). JT was a terrific manager and a class act. He was extremely kind to myself and the entire Manatee staff and win or lose John was always available for an interview. The radio network was new to everyone last season and as the year went on the players started to open up a bit. There was a period in the season where I didn't have access to the right equipment for on-field interviews and that came into play later on. We did however, speak with a lot of the guys after the games, live on the web. It was really fun to see their reactions when they realized they were going to be interviewed. They would poke fun at each other. One difficult task to get around was that MLBAM would pick us up only 15 minutes prior to the first pitch. We had a lot to cram into a small window of time, but rest assured, should audio be a go this season I will make it a priority to talk with more of the players during pre-game.

BF: The Florida State League is unique to affiliated baseball in several ways. Correct me if wrong, but except for their trip to the Gold Coast, Manatee players make multiple one-day trips, back and forth from and to their own homes, as opposed to "hotel" road trips. That seems as though it would be even more tiring. 2007 was less severe than 2006 in terms of rainouts and rain delays, but certainly that's still often an issue. Heavy air seemingly decreases extra- base power. While crowd enthusiasm at Space Coast Stadium is high, overall crowd numbers pale compared to nearly all other affiliated leagues. There's virtually no (well, a tiny bit of) local press coverage. Plus you would think there are the usual Florida distractions away from the field -- OK, let me finally get to my comment/question