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on 01/28/2009


To the good people of,

I just wanted to write to you directly to thank you for all of the support and kindness that you have shown to me and the Brewers Radio Network over the years. I have always enjoyed periodically popping around the message boards on this site because of the quality of the Brewers'-related-discussions which take place everyday as well as the civility surrounding most of those conversations. It is very difficult to keep internet message boards from becoming so emotional and nonsensical that they become unreadable, but my friend Brian Kapellusch has somehow been able to build a community which mostly stays "above the fray."

I have found the site to be an excellent resource for peeking into the minds of Brewers' fans, for whom I have worked rather directly for thirteen years, and seeing what issues and thoughts are dominating at any given time. While many in this world try hard to pretend that they are unaware of fan sites, message boards, fan blogs, and even radio sports talk shows, in my opinion, someone in my line of work would be foolish to ignore such a great opportunity to better understand the people we are trying our hardest to service. When David Cameron of Baseball Prospectus said about, "The guys over there set the standard for hard core fans...," I assume he was saying that if you want to peruse the give-and-take between big fans of a specific team without all the histrionics which can ruin such exchanges, you won't find a better place to do it than

Some of the recent threads regarding my status have been so complimentary that I am extremely flattered. I am not writing this note to you because of these very nice posts, as much as I do appreciate them. I would feel the same way about the site whether the opinions posted were largely positive or largely negative, because the posts are almost all thoughtful and sincere. That is what separates from many other sites on the internet. I do not always agree with the prevalent opinions held on the boards on many subjects, but I do respect them. There are other good sites out there also, and I don't want to insult anybody else's website, but I doubt anybody would try to argue that this place does not stand out.

For years, I have made it clear to everyone that my family and I love Milwaukee, enjoy being associated with the Brewers, and would like to stay here forever. My partner here is one of the greatest talents to ever be on the airwaves, and I can pretty much guarantee that no booth in baseball has had more fun than Bob and I have. Miller Park has been my personal favorite for places in which to enjoy a baseball game, and Brewers' fans have proven for several years now that they are as good as any team's fans and are better than most. The team itself is coming off a magical season and has great promise in the immediate future. I had not interviewed with any other Major League team for the past thirteen years because of all the reasons listed above. However, the chance to go back to the place where my wife and I were both born and raised was too much to overlook, and the Braves ultimately made it impossible to say no to this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Brewers have been extremely supportive and understanding, and even Bob told me he thought I'd be crazy not to accept this new challenge in Atlanta even though neither of us wants to break up such an enjoyable partnership. Only a "perfect-storm" of factors could have led the Powells to leave Milwaukee, but that is exactly what has happened in this case.

Many have said that we are going home, but for our family we will always feel like we have two homes. Thank you again for all of your support. Please have pride in what you have built here with this community at


Jim Powell


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