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<b>Injuries = Losses</b>

on 08/30/2001

Jeff D'Amico has been the posterboy for Brewer Injuries.

I recently did a study comparing the Brewers with the top ten teams in baseball in regards to injury transactions. The results were astounding.

Out of the top ten teams, only one had more injury transactions then the Brewers(Boston). Only two others were even close(Cleveland & Arizona)

The four teams with the least transactions were: Oakland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and the Chicago Cubs. Obviously talent levels are vastly different between clubs, however injuries play a part.

After I did the research, I thought to myself about whose fault are the injuries (especially since it seems like the Brewers are always injury-riddled). Is it the players fault? Yes. The players may hide injuries or not be in shape to prevent them. Is it the coaches fault? It can be. Many injuries occur to pitchers and may be lessened or prevented by pitching programs. Is it the medical and training staffs fault? Yes. It could be that they let players play when they shouldn't or that they are not thorough enough.

Finally, what should the Brewers do? I have a difficult time solely placing the blame on the players when there are up to 12 players on the disabled list at a time. I also have a difficult time blaming the coaches, since this problem preceded most of them (Castro). Therefore I place much of the blame on the medical and training staffs which have been in place for awhile now. These staffs were one of the few areas that Dean Taylor did not touch when he came upon board and it seems like some attention needs to given to them. Maybe it is time to start fresh in this area too with some new blood from a successful organization (on the field and in the training room). Maybe we should bring in an assistant from one of these teams such as: Steve Donohue(Yankees), Stephen Sayles(Oakland), Jeff Porter(Atlanta), Mark Andersen(Phillies), Rex Jones(Houston), or Sandy Krum(Chicago Cubs).


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  <b>Injuries = Losses</b>

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