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Scouting the Timber Rattlers with Kevin Goldstein

on 05/27/2010

Kevin Goldstein, minor league guru for Baseball Prospectus, took in the Timber Rattlers game on Wednesday, and Brewerfan bent his ear about his impressions of the team. He wrote up a detailed scouting report on starter Eric Arnett at BP, and we picked things up from there.

BF: We're already starting to hear people saying that the Brewers should have drafted someone with a longer, more proven track record than Arnett. Are these mechanical problems something he's always had, and he just happened to have everything go right last year, or have the Brewers changed his mechanics, and that's what's causing the problem?

KG: I can understand that. It's been mentioned to me by people in the industry that taking a guy who does it for only one year can be a risky endeavor. I don't know what's going on mechanically with him, other than to say he's different than last spring. I don't know if he's been tinkered with, or if he's tinkering, or some combination of both, but he's clearly battling with himself right now.

BF: At the time, did it seem like a reasonable pick to you? As opposed to, say, Evan Frederickson, the workout-wonder type.

KG: Sure. I think Arnett went right around, and got paid right around, where the industry expected him to. We can criticize in hindsight, but at the time, it made sense.

BF: Okay, so a subject a little more cheerful: What's your impression of Scooter Gennett?

KG: He sure looks like a "Scooter".

BF: Did you know he's named after a Muppet Baby?

KG: No! Really? That's great. I just would note that you never find a 6'4", 220 [pound] guy named Scooter.

BF: Unless it's a 1920's-style ironic nickname, like "Tiny".

KG: It's really very hard to get past the body, obviously. He's just plain tiny, as are a lot of guys on that team, but I have to give him credit, he really makes consistent hard contact. At the very least he's a sleeper, and maybe more than that. He really can hit, but there's just not much in there what it comes to other tools.

BF: Garth Iorg seems to be holding out hope that he can play short, but he's mostly played second. Do you see him as a second baseman?

KG: Only a second baseman. Doesn't have the wheels or the arm for the left side.

BF: Can he be a good defender at second? Or is his bat going to carry him?

KG: I think he can be solid enough there.

BF: Better than Lawrie, anyway.

KG: That's not saying much.

BF: So, you mentioned there were a lot of tiny guys on the team. You're thinking of Gennett, Michael Marseco, Cutter Dykstra?

KG: Right. Fatse played too last night.

BF: It's something the Brewers apparently don't have a problem with


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Scouting the Timber Rattlers with Kevin Goldstein

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