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Brewerfan interviews 22nd-round pick Kevin Berard

on 06/10/2010

Kevin Berard was drafted in the 22nd round by the Brewers on Tuesday out of Barbe High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He was kind enough to chat with us for a few minutes.

BF: First of all, congratulations on being drafted.

KB: Thank you.

BF: Did you expect to get drafted? Did you know the Brewers were interested in you?

KB: Yeah, I did. I knew they were interested in me. Actually, they gave me a workout the Tuesday before the draft, down here at Sulphur High School field.

BF: What other teams were interested in drafting you?

KB: They had a couple other teams that were interested but never actually gave me a call or gave me a workout.

BF: So the Brewers were the most interested in you of any of the teams?

KB: Yeah, the Brewers were the most interested.

BF: Did they tell you approximately when they were going to draft you, or was it a surprise?

KB: No, they didn't tell me when, but I thought I was gonna get drafted later than I did, like 50th or 40th [round] or something like that. I was surprised that I got drafted in the 22nd.

BF: Were you listening to the draft when it happened?

KB: Actually, I was on my way to a baseball game. I was parking to get out and play a baseball game.

BF: And then you got a call from them?

KB: Yes, but my aunt actually told me. She knew before they called me.

BF: That must have been really exciting.

KB: Oh yeah, it was pretty exciting. It made me feel comfortable going into my baseball game that I had to play, you know, knowing that I got drafted, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

BF: How'd you do?

KB: Oh, I did real good. I did excellent, actually. I went 1-3, made all my plays at shortstop--it was my first game back at shortstop. I hadn't played shortstop in about four years.

BF: I didn't realize you also played shortstop. The Brewers drafted you as a catcher, right?

KB: Yeah, they drafted me as a catcher, but I was a high school third baseman. I think I'm gonna wind up working my way to the outfield or shortstop, but I love catching and I guess that's what I'm gonna be for now.

BF: So you plan on signing?

KB: I signed today. I'm flying out to Arizona Sunday.

BF: Oh, well that's great. Can you describe yourself as a ballplayer a little bit?

KB: I'm real versatile. I can play any position you put me at. I'm one of a kind. You can expect a lot of me. I get to the ballpark every day on time, ready to play ball every day, and you can expect the best out of me.

BF: How are you as a hitter?

KB: I hit for a lot of average. I don't hit for a lot of power--I can hit for power, but I hit for average most of the time. I hit .430 in my high school season, and during district I hid .538, which was the highest on my team, so I'm expecting to hit pretty good.

BF: And you had a pretty good prospect on your team with you, Garin Cecchini.

KB: Well, he didn't play. He tore his ACL. Hommy Rosado was another top prospect, he got drafted before me, he went to the Colorado Rockies. I actually hit higher than he did, but he had 26 home runs.

BF: And would you describe yourself as a patient hitter?

KB: Yeah, I'll wait in the count, get my pitch.

BF: So you also played football and ran track, right? You were a quarterback?

KB: Well, I started off at receiver. I was a receiver for three years, and I started off my senior year as a receiver, but then they moved me to quarterback because our quarterback got hurt. I led the state in receiving and passing yards, and I only played receiver for four games.

BF: Wow. That's pretty good. Do you prefer baseball to football?

KB: I'm not gonna say I prefer baseball. I have a love for both, you know, I can't choose one over the other.

BF: What did you run in track?

KB: I ran the 4x1 and 4x2.

BF: So basically, if you do stick at catcher, you'll be a pretty fast catcher.

KB: Yeah, I'll be a really fast catcher. I throw down [to second base] pretty fast, too. I got a 1.7, 1.8 [second pop time].

BF: Is there anything else you want Brewers fans to know about you?

KB: I'm little--well, I'm not necessarily little, I'm 5'10", well let's see, I'm 5'11" and I weigh probably from 160 to 170--but they can expect a lot from me.


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