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Ask Len Kasper...

on 11/14/2001

Len Kasper, among other things, is a sports reporter for AM 620 WTMJ, and last year was a member of the TV broadcast crew.

Mr. Kasper, thanks for contacting Brian about He does a great job with it, and we as Brewer diehards truly appreciate his efforts and those of several others in making it a reality. The fact you chose to give kudos is great.

Len, being a Brewer fan in Massachusetts, I get my "on-air" analysis from Ueck and Jim Powell, so forgive me for not being real familiar with your own insights. I did check out your fan website, however...

That bouncing head is just a tad annoying, but you obviously have your own legion of worshipers!

Just for fun, I'll start with this: Drew Olson among others advocated "the Keg" as the nickname for Miller Park, which works even better than others like "the Jake", "the Bob", etc. Don't we want everyone referring to "the Keg" at All-Star time next season? The "Thriller Park" thing over at ESPN's Baseball Tonight just doesn't work for me. See what you can do, OK?

I'm sure my esteemed colleagues here will be able to come up with actual Brewer baseball questions for you. Any scoops on a new / revised radio broadcast team? Thanks.

First off, that bouncing head looks like a picture of me from high school! Thanks for checking it out. I'm sure the guys who devised it will be pleased. On the Miller Park nickname, to be honest, Miller Park is so comfortable and easy to say, I'm not sure it needs another monicker. Just my opinion...if it's forced, it doesn't work. On the search for a television announcer, there haven't been any announcements yet, so I can't answer that question.


What are your thoughts on the job Bud Selig is doing as commish?

Davey Lopes sac. bunts and intentionally walks batters more than anyone in baseball. Does it drive you as crazy as it does me?

I personally think Bud has always been good not stepping on the toes of clubs or the union without getting a consensus first on any issue. Gosh, what a tough gig that is. The thing is, he's been ripped for being TOO cautious, so then he makes a bold move with contraction and those same people criticize him for being too hasty. I think it was a brilliant strategy to get the union's attention. By doing that and not locking out the players, the owners have finally put the ball in the players' court. Do they want a long, protracted fight? Or do they want to get down to business and figure out how to share billions of dollars. I think he's handled this well. I don't want to see the Twins go, but when their owner is ready and willing, it makes it pretty easy. On Davey, I think you saw Bob Brenly do the same things in the post-season and they won it all. Davey is very much by the book when it comes to playing the percentages. Sac bunts would look brilliant if the next guy could hit him in. THAT is the whole key!

Does Dean Taylor have any of the same feelings as Billy Beane regarding OBP, and it's total importance in building an offensive force?

Why do players like Luis Lopez get contracts for more than veteran minimum wage when a guy like Marcos Scutaro could do the same job at a fraction of the cost?

I think on the second question, Davey has certain veterans he likes for his bench and Lopez and James Mouton have fit that bill. Serviceable guys. It's tough to fill your bench with inexperienced guys. On OBP, I think all GMs deem it important. In the Brewers' case, they just need a lot more guys who do it. That's the top priority in the off-season.

Any insight on the Brewer's offseason plans for Haynes and Wright? Will either or both be on the trading block, possible arbitration figures, and any knowledge on whether Haynes has been looked at as a possible option out of the bullpen next year? Hayne's career splits show an obvious decline once he hits 5 innings and would lead some to believe he would be much more effective as a reliever rather than an average 5th starter.

I personally think Haynes is merely a stop-gap guy. Can fill out the rotation and suck up innings if you need him to. Wright had a two-year deal on the table last year and didn't want it. His 2001 season shows he should have taken it. I think he could be trade bait too.


What's the greatest parts and hardest parts of travelling to do Brewers TV boradcasts.

On traveling, it's a blast to go to all the great cities in the big leagues, particularly SF and NY. The hard part is being away from home and family. But to be honest, when you charter and everything's done for you, it's the easiest gig in the world. I will NEVER complain about big league travel. The other neat thing about being on the road is that you know that 99% of the Brewers' fans who are watching the game are watching our telecast as opposed to the home games, when many are in the seats. It's cool that people see the game the way we see it.

Thanks for asking me to chat with you. Hopefully it will be a very busy off -season. I suspect Dean Taylor will make several interesting moves. And I'm hearing the hitting and pitching coaches will be hired this week or next week, so that will be interesting to see as well.

Our pleasure, Len. Keep up the good work!


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