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The Halftime Report

on 07/03/2002


Eighty-one down, eighty-one to go.

Amazingly, with the 4-3 loss at Minnesota this past Sunday, the Brewers completed the first half of their 2002 schedule. As the team reaches the midway point of the year, let's breakdown how the team is doing, both on the field and as an organization. With each player or coach is a grade marking his progress so far this year:

Position Players

Paul Bako: His average, OBP, and OPS are all well above his career averages. Behind the plate, he has been adequate. He doesn't do anything flashy or anything exceptional, but he gets the job done. C

Raul Casanova: A silly belly-flop slide into the shin guards of Reds catcher Corky Miller has sidelined Casanova indefinitely with a separated shoulder. Perhaps it was for the best, as Raul was toiling through a miserable start to the season. Casanova was hitting just .184 and was visibly struggling in the field due to nagging back and knee problems..... F

Richie Sexson: Richie is quickly blossoming into the first true superstar this team has had in many years. Among NL first baseman, he is tops in HR, second in RBI, and fourth in batting average. His selection to the all-star team was a no-brainer, and he should make many more appearances in the future. A

Eric Young: Most people questioned Young's signing when it happened, and those people have been proven right so far. EY spent most of the first two months of the year struggling just to hit .200. He has improved of late and has his average around .240, but the fact that he is overpaid, is in his mid 30's, and starts nearly everyday is inexcusable for a team that is supposed to be rebuilding. D

Ronnie Belliard: Certainly the most controversial player on the team, Belliard's season has definitely been a tough one. He entered spring training as the team's starting third baseman, and finds himself now near the end of Jerry Royster's bench. However, Ronnie has done little to force himself into the lineup - he is among the team leaders in errors despite not playing everyday, and his offensive numbers are on pace to far be the worst of his major league career. Belly is certainly at a crossroads in his career, and the Brewers need to either commit to him with a full-time starting job, or they need to cut him loose. D

Jose Hernandez: Perhaps the most underrated shortstop in all of baseball, Jose is once again quietly putting together a fine season and has earned a trip to the all-star game. Among NL shortstops, he ranks first by far in HR and RBI, and is tied for the lead in batting average. However, for whatever reason, most everybody (including a high percentage of Brewers fans) focus on Jose's strikeout totals more than what he produces in the field. With the struggles of Bill Hall in AAA, an extension of a year or two on Jose's contract may not be the worst thing; but there is no denying that he is prime trade bait and is the biggest piece Dean Taylor has in the trade deadline poker game. A

Tyler Houston: An unbelievable month of June has vaulted Tyler's average, which was down around .240 for a good deal of time, to around .330. Because of his left-handed bat that has some pop and the fact that his contract is up after this year, he could attract a number of suitors on the trade block. B

Mark Loretta: Talk about your fortunes changing in almost no time. Over the last few years, Mark has been one of the more consistent and heavily-used players on the Brewers roster. This year, Mark has been almost non-existent. One obvious reason he hasn't played much is to avoid injury so Dean Taylor could find a taker for him, but his $5 million price tag makes trading him nearly impossible. F

Lenny Harris: The all-time leader in pinch hits came to the Brewers as part of the Jeromy Burnitz trade


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