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Article Archive
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Author Date Title
Johnson, Eric 2010-06-13 Brewerfan interviews 20th-round pick Shea Vucinich
Johnson, Eric 2010-06-12 Brewerfan interviews 30th-round pick Eric Marzec
Johnson, Eric 2010-06-10 Brewerfan interviews 22nd-round pick Kevin Berard
Goulart, Jim 2010-06-05 Andrew Bailey So Close to Being A Brewer
Johnson, Eric 2010-05-27 Scouting the Timber Rattlers with Kevin Goldstein
Ebert, Patrick 2010-01-11 2010 Top Prospect Fan Poll
Coppernoll, Todd 2009-11-09 On The Phone With... Junior Spivey
Ebert, Patrick 2009-10-30 2009 Draft Review
Coppernoll, Todd 2009-10-21 On the Phone With Jeff Juden
Staff, Brewerfan 2009-10-19 2008 Milwaukee Brewers Award Winners
Coppernoll, Todd 2009-06-12 On the Phone With
Coppernoll, Todd 2009-06-05 On the Phone With
Coppernoll, Todd 2009-05-20 On the Phone With
Staff, Brewerfan 2009-04-04 Milwaukee Brewers 2009 Preaseason Predictions
Staff, Brewerfan 2009-04-01 2009 Minor League Season-Opening Roundtable
Powell, Jim 2009-01-28 Farewell
Lippert, Benjamin 2009-01-19 Looking at Lucroy
Ebert, Patrick 2009-01-11 Top Prospect Fan Poll
Ebert, Patrick 2008-12-21 2008 Draft Recap - Early 2009 Preview
Coppernoll, Todd 2008-12-08 Sits Down With Brad Woodall
Coppernoll, Todd 2008-11-30 Hall of Fame Trial - Mike Mussina
Coppernoll, Todd 2008-11-18 On the Phone With Scott Karl
Staff, Brewerfan 2008-10-20 2008 Milwaukee Brewers Award Winners
Ebert, Patrick 2008-05-27 2008 Draft Preview
Staff, Brewerfan 2008-03-28 Milwaukee Brewers 2008 Preaseason Predictions
Neis, Tim 2008-03-23 Projecting the Brewers and the Cubs
Goulart, Jim 2008-03-07 Behind the Microphone -- Helena's Steve Wendt
Goulart, Jim 2008-02-27 Behind the Microphone ---- West Virginia's Andy "Bull" Barch
Goulart, Jim 2008-02-20 Behind the Microphone -- Brevard County's Kirk Agius
Goulart, Jim 2008-02-11 Behind the Microphone -- Huntsville's Brett Pollock
Goulart, Jim 2008-02-04 Behind the Microphone -- Nashville's Chuck Valenches
Ebert, Patrick 2008-01-27 Big Draft on Tap
Ebert, Patrick 2008-01-17 Top Prospect Fan Poll
Coppernoll, Todd 2008-01-03 Hall of Fame Trial - Tommy John
Staff, Brewerfan 2007-12-09 2007 Milwaukee Brewers Award Winners
Ebert, Patrick 2007-09-14 2007 Draft Recap
Ebert, Patrick 2007-09-01 Interviews Matt LaPorta
Luzinski, Russell 2007-08-27 Are Baseball Teams Streaky Over the Course of a Season?
Coppernoll, Todd 2007-07-23 Death of a Shortstop
Coppernoll, Todd 2007-06-01 Red Carpet, Reggie Bars & Rotisserie - How America forgot Stan the Man
Ebert, Patrick 2007-05-23 2007 Draft Preview
Staff, Brewerfan 2007-03-30 Milwaukee Brewers 2007 Preaseason Predictions
Jiles, Brad 2007-03-12 Interviews Brent Brewer
Jiles, Brad 2007-02-28 Interviews Steve Chapman
Coppernoll, Todd 2007-02-19 Hall of Fame Trial - Jeff Kent
Ebert, Patrick 2007-02-03 Draft & Follow Candidates for 2007
Ebert, Patrick 2007-01-06 Top Prospect Fan Poll
Bodendein, Jordan 2006-12-30 Projecting the Pitchers
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-12-01 Who's the Man? Jim Rice vs. Dave Parker
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-11-05 Who's the Man? Jeff Bagwell vs. Frank Thomas
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-10-31 Who's the Man? Ted Simmons vs. Gary Carter
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-10-18 Hall of Fame Trial - Gary Sheffield
Staff, Brewerfan 2006-10-10 2006 Milwaukee Brewers Award Winners
Ebert, Patrick 2006-09-20 2006 Draft Recap - Quick '07 Preview
Jiles, Brad 2006-09-07 Brevard County Manatees: A Season in Review
Jiles, Brad 2006-09-05 West Virginia Power: A Season in Review
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-07-10 Hall of Fame Trial - "Shoeless" Joe Jackson
siegel, jamie 2006-07-05 Brewerfan Sits Down With WSSP
Hutchison, Harold 2006-06-16 Behind the Technology Curve
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-05-26 Hall of Fame Trial - Jack Morris
Jiles, Brad 2006-05-03 A Week With the Power
Staff, Brewerfan 2006-04-02 Milwaukee Brewers 2006 Preaseason Predictions
Kapellusch, Brian 2006-03-24 March vs. April: A Study of Pitching Stats
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-03-22 Hall of Fame Trial - Robin Yount
Goulart, Jim 2006-03-17 Anatomy of a Near-Perfect Affiliate Website - Kudos, Nashville!
Luzinski, Russell 2006-03-12 Barry Bonds, Steroids and Home Run Power
Clifton, Michael 2006-02-28 User Top 20 Prospect List
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-02-22 Hall of Fame Trial - Dale Murphy
Ebert, Patrick 2006-02-11 Draft & Follow Candidates for 2006
Ebert, Patrick 2006-02-07 Scouting Wisconsin 2006
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-02-02 Hall of Fame Trial - Albert Belle
Ebert, Patrick 2006-01-23 Draft Assessment, 1990-1999
Goulart, Jim 2006-01-13 Sits Down with Adam Heether
Coppernoll, Todd 2006-01-03 Hall of Fame Trial - Goose Gossage
Ebert, Patrick 2005-12-27 A Baseball Revolution
Coppernoll, Todd 2005-12-16 Hall of Fame Trial - Pete Rose
Coppernoll, Todd 2005-11-16 Hall of Fame Trial - Dick Allen
Ebert, Patrick 2005-11-06 Hot Stove Preview
Coppernoll, Todd 2005-11-02 Hall of Fame Trial - Mark McGwire
Coppernoll, Todd 2005-10-22 Hall of Fame Trial - Barry Larkin
Clifton, Michael 2005-10-08 Sits Down with Will Inman
Staff, Brewerfan 2005-10-03 2005 Milwaukee Brewers Award Winners
Ebert, Patrick 2005-09-26 2005 Draft Recap, Quick '06 Preview
Coppernoll, Todd 2005-09-25 Hall of Fame Trial - Curt Flood
Luzinski, Russell 2005-09-23 Ben Sheets, Beyond the W-L
Hawkinson, Chris 2005-09-18 Sits Down with Mark Rogers
Coppernoll, Todd 2005-09-15 Hall of Fame Trial - Ron Santo
Coppernoll, Todd 2005-09-08 Hall of Fame Trial - Bert Blyleven
Coppernoll, Todd 2005-09-01 Hall of Fame Trial - Tim
Luzinski, Russell 2005-07-16 If Only They Could Hit in The Clutch?
Ebert, Patrick 2005-05-31 2005 Draft Preview
Goulart, Jim 2005-04-24 Lights! Camera! Helena is "On Deck"
Batterman, Bill 2005-04-14 Pitching Injuries and How To Prevent Them: A Q&A With Will Carroll
Goulart, Jim 2005-04-12 Minor League Roundtable, Part 2
Goulart, Jim 2005-04-10 Minor League Roundtable
Clifton, Michael 2005-04-02 2005 Farm System Roadmap
Johnson, Gregg 2005-03-23 Hope Springs Attorney
Simpson, Nicholas 2005-03-08 Quintile Analysis of Baseball Salaries
Ebert, Patrick 2005-03-02 Draft & Follow Candidates for 2005
siegel, jamie 2005-02-25 "Hitting 101" will make you hit .300
Johnson, Gregg 2005-02-21 Juiced, Part II
Johnson, Gregg 2005-02-13 Juiced
Ebert, Patrick 2005-02-07 Player Procurement
kalk, josh 2005-02-04 Miller Park Effects
Ebert, Patrick 2004-12-15 Draft retrospect: Jack Zduriencik's drafts - Part 4: 2003
Ebert, Patrick 2004-11-23 Draft retrospect: Jack Zduriencik's drafts - Part 3: 2002
Ebert, Patrick 2004-11-14 Draft retrospect: Jack Zduriencik's drafts - Part 2: 2001
Ebert, Patrick 2004-11-04 Draft retrospect: Jack Zduriencik's drafts - Part 1: 2000
Goulart, Jim 2004-10-20 Behind the Microphone 2004: The Announcers Chime In
Ebert, Patrick 2004-09-21 A Look Back at the 2004 Draft
Batterman, Bill 2004-09-03 The Ben Grieve Reclamation Project: A Postmortem Analysis
Goulart, Jim 2004-08-30 Nine Up, Nine Down, with Helena's Robbie Wooley
Batterman, Bill 2004-08-26 King George: De La Rosa's Journey From Monterrey To Milwaukee
Steurer, DuWayne 2004-08-20 What's wrong with the bullpen?
Olsen, Tim 2004-08-16 Ben Sheets and Doug Davis: A Powerful One-Two Punch
Farrar, Craig 2004-08-13 Geek Love: Cecil Cooper
Jiles, Brad 2004-08-07 Brady Clark: Everyday Brewer
Batterman, Bill 2004-08-02 Was Wes Helms' 2003 Season A Fluke?
Batterman, Bill 2004-07-12 What's wrong with Jenkins? An Analysis
Harrmann, Toby 2004-06-13 Brewerfan Minor League Players of the Month for May
Ebert, Patrick 2004-06-07 Brewers select Mark Rogers in the first round of the draft
Ebert, Patrick 2004-06-06 2004 Mock Draft
Ebert, Patrick 2004-06-01 Brewers sign 6 Draft & Follow candidates
Ebert, Patrick 2004-05-31 2004 Draft Preview
Hawkinson, Chris 2004-05-24 sits down with Corey Hart
Ebert, Patrick 2004-05-12 sits down with Lou Palmisano
Ebert, Patrick 2004-05-11 2004 Draft & Follow Recap
Harrmann, Toby 2004-05-07 Brewerfan Minor League Players of the Month for April
Ebert, Patrick 2004-04-29 On assignment: Scouting Erik Cordier
Staff, Brewerfan 2004-04-23 Opening Thoughts: Minor League Roundtable
Harrmann, Toby 2004-03-24 Fifteen Things the Brewers Need to do
Ebert, Patrick 2004-03-10 Draft & Follow Candidates for 2004
Ebert, Patrick 2004-02-18 Scouting Wisconsin in anticipation for the 2004 draft
Bodendein, Jordan 2004-02-16 Organizational Depth Chart
Nelson, Jason 2004-01-26 2003's Most Memorable Games
Ebert, Patrick 2003-12-09 top prospect list, prospects #21-50, as voted by the fans
Ebert, Patrick 2003-11-14 top prospect list, as voted by the fans
Ebert, Patrick 2003-10-23 sits down with Rickie Weeks & Tony Gwynn Jr.
Ebert, Patrick 2003-09-22 A Look Back at the 2003 Draft
Clifton, Michael 2003-09-14 sits down with Dave Krynzel
Belter, Jason 2003-09-05 Weekend Report: The Ten Run Rule
Hawkinson, Chris 2003-09-03 sits down with Dennis Sarfate
Belter, Jason 2003-08-29 Weekend Report: Pitcher Abuse Points
Belter, Jason 2003-08-23 Weekend Report: Post-Season Odds
Belter, Jason 2003-08-18 Weekend Report: Statistics - Defining Failure
Belter, Jason 2003-08-08 Weekend Report: The Return of a Classic
Ebert, Patrick 2003-08-06 Rickie Weeks Signs
Batterman, Bill 2003-08-02 Down The Stretch We Come: Ten Questions Remaining To Be Answered By The 2003 Brewers
Harrmann, Toby 2003-07-29 Minor League Midseason Report, Part 2
Harrmann, Toby 2003-07-19 Minor League Midseason Report, Part 1
Batterman, Bill 2003-07-17 A Midseason Report Card: The 2003 Milwaukee Brewers
West, Todd 2003-07-14 A Trying Time for West and Mavericks
Belter, Jason 2003-07-04 Mid-season report: Firesale vs. Holding Steady
Ebert, Patrick 2003-06-23 sits down with Prince Fielder
Ernster & Mike Lindskog, Mark 2003-06-22 High Desert Diaries: Mark Ernster & Mike Lindskog
Reineke, Robert 2003-06-17 Exceeding Expectations
Ebert, Patrick 2003-06-09 sits down with Tom Wilhelmsen
Ebert, Patrick 2003-05-29 DFE Signings & Draft Update
Ebert, Patrick 2003-05-08 2003 Draft Preview
Harrmann, Toby 2003-04-28 sits down with Manny Parra
Ebert, Patrick 2003-04-18 Recap-Draft & Follow Candidates for 2003
Lawton, Patrick 2003-04-17 Measuring ROTLTTO Productivity
Powell, Jim 2003-04-15 Ask Jim Powell, Q&A
Harrmann, Toby 2003-04-04 sits down with JJ Hardy
Goulart, Jim 2003-03-30 Minor League Preview - Keeping The Local Season Ticket Holders In Mind
Lawton, Patrick 2003-03-21 Sights from Spring Training
Harrmann, Toby 2003-03-14 Toby on Assigment: Day 5
Harrmann, Toby 2003-03-12 Toby on Assigment: Day 3
Harrmann, Toby 2003-03-10 Toby on Assignment: Spring Training First Impressions
Ebert, Patrick 2003-02-13 Draft & Follow Candidates for 2003
Jiles, Brad 2003-02-11 The Battle for Fifth
Bodendein, Jordan 2003-02-08 Why You're a Brewer Fan
Goldinger, Lee B. 2003-02-06 Building A Champion
Ebert, Patrick 2003-01-21 Scouting the Future, sits down with Jack Zduriencik
Goldinger, Lee B. 2003-01-20 Where Did They Go Wrong?
Goldinger, Lee B. 2003-01-09 The Other Side of Bud Selig
Goldinger, Lee B. 2002-12-31 It's Gotta Be the Logo
Kapellusch, Brian 2002-12-16 Rule 5 Draft Recap
Goulart, Jim 2002-12-02 How Brewerfan Rates the Farm Team Web Sites
Foat, Anton 2002-11-20 Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Marshall, Adam 2002-10-29 Grading the Brewers Front Office
Reineke, Robert 2002-10-12 A Stathead's Grades for the Brewers - Part 2: Pitchers
Ebert, Patrick 2002-10-07 Draft Prequel
Reineke, Robert 2002-10-02 A Stathead's Grades for the Brewers
Ebert, Patrick 2002-09-30 Looking ahead to the 2003 draft
Hutchison, Harold 2002-09-26 Three Acid Tests for Melvin
Ebert, Patrick 2002-09-24 A look back at the 2002 draft
Belter, Jason 2002-09-20 Weekend Report: Dearly Departed
Belter, Jason 2002-09-13 Weekend Report: Cheese Platter
Belter, Jason 2002-09-05 Weekend Report: New Direction
Goulart, Jim 2002-09-02 Behind the Microphone: Terry Byrom and Mike Lindskog
Belter, Jason 2002-08-30 Weekend Report: Beyond the WHIP
Belter, Jason 2002-08-23 Weekend Report: Stats Demystified - ARP
Harrmann, Toby 2002-08-18 Minor League Report: Aug 5th - Aug 11th
Belter, Jason 2002-08-16 Weekend Report: Blockbuster Time!
Harrmann, Toby 2002-08-10 Minor League Report: Jul 29 - Aug 4
Belter, Jason 2002-08-08 Weekend Report: The Brave New World
Harrmann, Toby 2002-08-03 Minor League Report: Jul 22 - Jul 28
Belter, Jason 2002-08-02 Weekend Report: The 31st Corporation
Harrmann, Toby 2002-07-29 Minor League Report: July 15th - July 21st
Belter, Jason 2002-07-27 Weekend Report: Position Rankings for the Divison
Harrmann, Toby 2002-07-20 Minor League Report: July 8th - July 14th
Belter, Jason 2002-07-18 Weekend Report: Lies, Darn Lies, and Statistics
Harrmann, Toby 2002-07-13 Minor League Report: July 1st - July 7th
Belter, Jason 2002-07-11 Weekend Report: How do our staters compare?
Goulart, Jim 2002-07-09 Will he sign? A Brief Visit with Baylor University Right-Hander Steven White
Harrmann, Toby 2002-07-08 Minor League Report: June 24th - June 30th
Belter, Jason 2002-07-05 Reviewing some predictions
Nelson, Jason 2002-07-03 The Halftime Report
Harrmann, Toby 2002-06-30 Minor League Report: June 17th - June 23rd
Belter, Jason 2002-06-28 Weekend Report: Bad Pitching or Bad Defense?
Ebert, Patrick 2002-06-25 sits down with Mike Jones
Reineke, Robert 2002-06-24 Battery Mate Defense
Harrmann, Toby 2002-06-22 Minor League Report: June 10th
Belter, Jason 2002-06-21 Weekend Report: Stats Demystified - EQR, RARP
Harrmann, Toby 2002-06-16 Minor League Report: June 3rd - June 9th
Belter, Jason 2002-06-13 Weekend Report: Stats Demystified - EQA
Nelson, Jason 2002-06-12 2002 Draft Recap Part 2
Ebert, Patrick 2002-06-10 2002 Draft Recap
Gamble, Matt 2002-06-09 Grumblings and Rumblings
Harrmann, Toby 2002-06-06 Minor League Report: May 27th - June 2nd
Kapellusch, Brian 2002-06-04 Q&A with Jim Powell
Harrmann, Toby 2002-06-03 Minor League Report: May 20th-May 26th
Ebert, Patrick 2002-05-25 sits down with Jason Belcher & Brad Nelson
Harrmann, Toby 2002-05-24 Minor League Report: May 13th-May 19th
Ebert, Patrick 2002-05-21 2002 Draft Preview
Hawkinson, Chris 2002-05-20 Using OXS to predict runs
Bethke, Al 2002-05-18 Alex Sanchez... Starting CF?
Harrmann, Toby 2002-05-17 Minor League Report: May 6th-May 12th
Nelson, Jason 2002-05-13 Playing a little "presto-change-o"
Harrmann, Toby 2002-05-09 Minor League Report: April 29th-May 5th
Bethke, Al 2002-05-08 You Want Proof?
Harrmann, Toby 2002-05-03 Player Interview: Ben Hendrickson
Harrmann, Toby 2002-05-01 Minor League Report: April 22nd-April 28th
Harrmann, Toby 2002-04-24 Minor League Report - April 15th-April 21st
Reineke, Robert 2002-04-21 Battery Mate Defense - Part 1
Harrmann, Toby 2002-04-15 Minor League Report - April 4th-April 14th
Harrmann, Toby 2002-03-30 Roster Projections Revisited
Harrmann, Toby 2002-03-02 Statistical Tools
Ebert, Patrick 2002-02-22 Draft & Follow process & potential candidates from the Brewers' 2001 draft.
Harrmann, Toby 2002-02-05 2002 Roster Projections
Belter, Jason 2002-01-26 Defense and the Brewers
Goulart, Jim 2002-01-09 Charting The Brewers' Future: Brewer Scout Tommy Tanous
Belter, Jason 2002-01-08 Rating the catchers
Harrmann, Toby 2002-01-06 Season Wrap Part 3: Seasons in Review
Collins, Alan 2001-12-28 The Truth About the Milwaukee Brewers
Reineke, Robert 2001-12-18 Exactly Why Do the Brewers Need a Lefty?
Goulart, Jim 2001-12-05 "The Life of a Brewer Minor Leaguer": Justin Gordon speaks with
piechota, Joe 2001-12-01 Dean's Dilemma
Goulart, Jim 2001-11-30 The Brewers' Scouting Department - An Inside Peek
Gamble, Matt 2001-11-29 Grumblings & Rumblings
Marshall, Adam 2001-11-15 Grading the Brewers Front Office
Kapellusch, Brian 2001-11-14 Ask Len Kasper...
Harrmann, Toby 2001-11-10 Season Wrap, Part 2: The Awards Ceremony
Vollmer, Jim 2001-11-09 Hey, Sit Down, Please!
Katt, Bill 2001-10-29 Lessons From The World Series: Best Teams Have Successful Veterans in the Mix.
Ebert, Patrick 2001-10-27 Season Wrap, Part 1: Tools and Dark Horses
piechota, Joe 2001-10-26 Vina vs. Belliard
Honkamp, Doug 2001-10-24 More on Pitching
Rivett, John 2001-10-23 The Pondering Game
Bethke, Al 2001-10-22 How Far Away Are We?
Goulart, Jim 2001-10-17 Leadoff Was Not a Problem In 2001
Bethke, Al 2001-10-10 An Open Letter to Drew Olson
Ebert, Patrick 2001-10-03 In the Light of Prospects
Rivett, John 2001-09-26 October Surprise?
Harrmann, Toby 2001-09-24 State of the Minors
Rivett, John 2001-09-18 The coaching and managing dilemma
Marshall, Adam 2001-09-03 Dave Krynzel: A Look at the Brewers' Top Position Prospect
Cress, Jason 2001-08-30 <b>Injuries = Losses</b>
Lawton, Patrick 2001-08-29 Off-Season 2000: A Look Back
Katt, Bill 2001-08-24 Last Month Of Brewers' Season Not Totally Without Intrigue
Bethke, Al 2001-08-18 Weighing the Options at Shortstop
Lawton, Patrick 2001-08-17 The Lopes Count
Ebert, Patrick 2001-08-07 Sign of the Times
Bethke, Al 2001-07-29 Strikeouts Are Not The Problem
Hutchison, Harold 2001-07-28 Making a Move for Next Year
Johnson, Gregg 2001-07-26 No Joy in Mudville
Reineke, Robert 2001-07-23 A (Lone?) Bright Spot
Nelson, Jason 2001-07-18 A Clutch Hit, Anyone?
Hutchison, Harold 2001-07-17 The Real Problem
Nelson, Jason 2001-07-11 Next Six Games Will Answer Many Questions
Goulart, Jim 2001-07-08 Trade Review
Lawton, Patrick 2001-07-05 Tyler Houston = Phil Nevin?
Reineke, Robert 2001-07-04 A Statheads View of the Brewers Offensive Problems
Nelson, Jason 2001-07-03 Handing out the Halftime Grades
Hutchison, Harold 2001-06-28 Casanova Should Get More Love
Nelson, Jason 2001-06-27 No Feasting on the Bottom-Feeders
Korhonen, Nathan 2001-06-25 The Week in Review June 18-24 - Brewers Find Their "A-Game" on the Road
Harrmann, Toby 2001-06-22 Minor League Midseason Report
Nelson, Jason 2001-06-21 Comic Relief I - Featuring: Mark Loretta
Nelson, Jason 2001-06-19 Sheets Answering the Bell
Korhonen, Nathan 2001-06-18 The Week In Review June 11-17 - Strikeouts Continue to Key Inconsistent Offense
Nelson, Jason 2001-06-14 Future Plans Could Rest on Next Two Weeks
Korhonen, Nathan 2001-06-10 The Week In Review - June 4 - June 10 - Leskanic Struggles to Close the Door
Korhonen, Nathan 2001-06-03 Sign of the times

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