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2007 Draft
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Rank Name Pos B/T H/W NCAA/HS School/State Comments
-02 Brackman, Andrew RHP R/R 6-9/235 College NC State Skyscraper RHP with mid-90s heater
02 Arencibia, J.P. C R/R 6-1/195 College Tennessee Slugging catcher with advanced offensive skills
03 Fields, Josh CL R/R 6-0/185 College Georgia Dynamic closer with mid 90s heat & wicked slider
04 Burgess, Michael RF L/L 5-11/200 High School Hillsborough (FL) Incredibly powerful RF prospect with a cannon for an arm
05 Dominguez, Matt 3B R/R 6-2/180 High School Chatsworth (CA) Athletic 3B with strong arm, powerful bat
06 LaPorta, Matt 1B R/R 6-1/215 College Florida Powerful, slugging 1B that needs to rebound from poor season
07 Alderson, Tim RHP R/R 6-7/210 High School Horizon (AZ) Tall yet polished righty with good repertoire
08 Blair, Seth RHP R/R 6-2/190 High School Rock Falls (IL) Athletic RHP with very good, hard sinker
09 Peavey, Greg RHP R/R 6-2/185 High School Hudson's Bay (WA) Established NW RHP with good polish, natural movement
10 Borbon, Julio CF L/L 6-1/180 College Tennessee Prototypical leadoff hitting CF
11 Watson, Tony LHP L/L 6-4/210 College Nebraska Projectable lefty with good control, stuff
12 Mangini, Matt 3B L/R 6-4/222 College Oklahoma State Pure hitting 3B with gap power
13 Brown, Jay RHP R/R 6-4/200 College South Carolina Good-sized RHP with solid stuff
14 Nash, Garrett SS S/R 6-0/180 College Jordan (UT) Exciting 5-tool SS/CF prospect with great speed
15 Kulbacki, Kellen LF L/L 5-11/205 College James Madison Hard-nosed outfielder coming off huge '06 season
16 McGeary, Jack LHP L/L 6-3/200 High School Roxbury Latin (MA) Projectable and athletic LHP with great control and solid stuff
17 Noonan, Nick SS L/R 6-1/185 High School Parker (CA) Natural left-handed hitting middle infielder
18 Morris, Hunter 3B L/R 6-4/200 High School Hunter (AL) Big lefty slugger whose value is greater at 3B
19 Schmidt, Nick LHP L/L 6-5/220 College Arkansas Tall, projectable lefty with good stuff
20 Easley, Ed C R/R 6-0/195 College Mississippi State Contact hitting catcher with questionable D'
21 Russell, Kyle RF L/L 6-5/185 College Texas Big time power hitting RF prospect with good arm
22 Zawacki, Brett RHP R/R 6-2/180 High School LaSalle-Peru Township Rising RHP with improve FB, CB
23 Vitters, Josh 3B R/R 6-3/190 High School Cypress (CA) Polished all-around hitter that has hit the best in the nation with a wood bat
24 Moustakas, Mike 3B L/R 6-0/185 High School Chatsworth (CA) Athletic infielder with impact left-handed bat
25 Weathers, Casey CL R/R 6-1/200 College Vanderbilt Senior closer with near triple-digit heater
26 Dent, Ryan SS R/R 6-0/185 High School Wilson (CA) Speedy sparkplug SS that is an exciting player in all facets of the game
27 Horton, Josh SS L/R 6-1/190 College North Carolina Left-handed hitting shortstop with some pop
28 Cook, Cole RHP L/R 6-4/200 High School Palisades Charter (CA) Perfectly projectable RHP with good stuff
29 Main, Michael RHP R/R 6-2/180 High School Deland (FL) Fire-balling athletic righty that continually wows scouts
30 Bumgarner, Madison LHP R/L 6-5/220 College South Caldwell (NC) Tall, hard throwing lefty that needs to develop offspeed pitches
31 Sanchez, Victor 3B R/R 6-2/180 High School Gahr (CA) Wiry strong 3B with good bat speed & power
32 Doolittle, Sean 1B L/L 6-3/185 College Virginia Polished hitter and pitcher, scouts split on future destination
33 Smoker, Josh LHP L/L 6-2/190 High School Calhoun (GA) Tried and true LHP with good FB-CB combo
34 Tolisano, John SS S/R 6-0/190 High School Home-schooled (FL) Athletic & versatile switch hitting IF
35 Ramirez, Neil RHP R/R 6-3/190 High School Kempsville (VA) Extremely polished righty with solid repertoire
36 Sampson, Julian RHP R/R 6-5/190 High School Skyline (WA) Big & athletic RHP from WA on the rise
37 Wieters, Matt C S/R 6-6/230 College Georgia Tech Athletic switch-hitting catcher with polished bat, power arm
38 Chalk, Brad CF L/L 6-0/180 College Clemson Scrappy and tough CF with patient bat
39 Ahrens, Kevin 3B S/R 6-1/190 High School Memorial (TX) Switch-hitting, athletic slugger that could play 3B or C
40 Canham, Mitch C L/R 6-2/215 College Oregon State Athletic catcher with a good left-handed bat
41 Crosby, Casey LHP R/L 6-5/190 High School Kaneland (IL) Tall, rangy LHP that is on the rise
42 Porcello, Rick RHP R/R 6-5/195 High School Seton Hall Prep (NJ) Projectable & smooth righty with power arsenal
43 Meyers, Brad RHP R/R 6-6/190 College Loyola Marymount Underachieving RHP with good size & stuff
44 Arrieta, Jake RHP R/R 6-4/225 College Texas Christian RHP with workhorse frame and power arsenal
45 Cecil, Brett LHP R/L 6-3/240 College Maryland Powerfully built closer with mid-90s heater, mid-80s slider
46 Runion, Sam RHP R/R 6-4/220 High School Reynolds (NC) Strongly built workhorse with polish & power
47 Jackson, Justin SS R/R 6-2/175 High School TC Roberson (NC) 5-tool SS with great glove, developing bat
48 Aumont, Phillippe RHP R/R 6-7/215 High School Ecole Du Versant (Quebec, Canada) Towering Canadian RHP with good stuff, lacks polish
49 Beaven, Blake RHP R/R 6-6/200 High School Irving (TX) Big, strong and tall RHP with power stuff
50 Savery, Joe LHP L/L 6-3/215 College Rice Two-way talent with power arm, bat
51 Detwiler, Ross LHP R/L 6-4/180 College Missouri State Tall and lanky lefty with electric arm, improving stuff
52 Mills, Beau 1B L/R 6-3/205 College Lewis & Clark State (ID) Powerful left-handed hitter and natural run producer
53 Zimmerman, Jordan RHP R/R 6-1/210 College UW Stevens Point Wisconsin RHP with good fastball command and advanced change
54 Parker, Jarrod RHP R/R 6-1/175 High School Norwell (IN) Smaller RHP up to 98 this spring and is rising fast
55 Mesoraco, Devin C R/R 6-1/200 High School Punxsutawney (PA) Athletic backstop with big arm, bat
56 Carignan, Andrew CL R/R 5-11/215 College North Carolina Shorter yet sturdy closer with good stuff
57 Heyward, Jason 1B L/L 6-4/220 High School Henry County (GA) Tall and strong 1B/corner OF prospect with exciting power potential
58 Vineyard, Nathan LHP L/L 6-3/200 High School Woodland (GA) Polished LHP with advanced changeup
59 Kozma, Peter SS R/R 6-0/170 High School Owasso (OK) Solid all-around SS prospect
60 Moskos, Daniel LHP R/L 6-2/205 College Clemson Powerful lefty with mid-90s heater as a closer
61 Colon, Christian SS R/R 5-11/175 High School Canyon (CA) Scrappy middle IF with good bat, speed, defense
62 Roemer, Wes RHP R/R 6-1/185 College Cal State Fullerton Shorter righty with exception control, average stuff
63 Donaldson, Josh C R/R 6-1/205 College Auburn Strong-armed athlete making the permanent move to catcher
64 Rams, Danny C R/R 6-2/220 High School Gulliver Prep (FL) Stocky catcher with strong arm, big power
65 Luebke, Cory LHP R/L 6-4/200 College Ohio State Tall, lanky lefty with big curve
66 Eiland, Eric CF L/L 6-1/190 High School Lamar (TX) Speedy CF with a contact bat
67 Maine, Scott LHP L/L 6-3/195 College Miami Lefty with a circuitous path to success
68 Kunz, Eddie CL R/R 6-5/250 College Oregon State Tall and strong closer with a powerful sinking fastball
69 Blair, Kyle RHP R/R 6-3/200 High School Los Gatos (CA) Bigger RHP with very good slow curve
70 Pelzer, Wynn CL R/R 6-1/195 College South Carolina Live-armed righty expected to move to closer's role full-time
71 Davis, Kentrail CF L/R 5-9/195 High School Theodore (AL) Short & stocky outfielder with good speed - power combo
72 Henley, Tyler CF L/L 5-10/200 College Rice Scrappy, determined CF with solid yet unspectacular tools
73 Harvey, Matt RHP R/R 6-4/195 High School Fitch (CT) Power RHP with silky smooth delivery
74 Cozart, Zach SS R/R 6-1/180 College Mississippi Polished, rangy SS with Gold Glove tools, contact bat
75 Price, David LHP L/L 6-5/215 College Vanderbilt Tall lefty with a power repertoire, favorite to go 1st overall in '07
76 Frazier, Todd 3B R/R 6-4/215 College Rutgers Athletic power prospect for either 3B or RF
77 Britton, Drake LHP L/L 6-2/200 High School Tomball (TX) Strong LHP with low-90s heater, good curve
78 Ambort, Michael C S/R 6-1/215 College Lamar Switch-hitting catcher that had TJ surgery last spring
79 Doyle, Terry RHP R/R 6-4/225 College Boston College Big bodied rigthy with solid repertoire, + changeup
80 Hamilton, Brandon RHP R/R 6-3/195 High School Stanhope Elmore (AL) Projectable RHP with powerful 1-2 FB, SL punch
81 Adkins, James LHP R/L 6-5/220 College Tennessee Tall and athletic LHP with a promising power arsenal
82 Freeman, Freddie 1B L/R 6-4/200 High School El Modena (CA) Prototypical large, power hitting first baseman
83 St. Clair, Cole LHP L/L 6-5/225 College Rice Tall lefty closer that has enough stuff to be tried as starter
84 Rizzotti, Matt 1B L/L 6-5/240 College Manhattan Big bodied, slugging 1B witih patient eye
85 Brown, Corey CF L/L 6-2/210 College Oklahoma State Big, chiseled outfielder with exciting offensive tools
86 Goeddel, Erik RHP R/R 6-3/175 High School Bellarmine College Prep (CA) Polished, projectable RHP with knock out curve
87 Dietrich, Derek 3B L/R 6-2/185 High School Saint Ignatius (OH) Polished lefty bat with good feel for the game
88 Friday, Brian SS R/R 5-11/180 College Rice Well rounded SS prospect with good bat, glove and speed
89 McFadden, Warren LF R/R 6-1/200 College Tulane Athletic corner OF prospect with some pop
90 Erickson, Blair CL R/R 6-1/225 College UC Irvine Pronounced college closer, 10 saves away from all-time NCAA mark
91 Rupp, Cameron C R/R 6-2/220 High School Prestonwood Christian Academy (TX) Big-time slugger with some defensive questions
92 Augenstein, Bryan RHP R/R 6-5/225 College Florida Tall & strong RHP with nice power pitches
93 Furbush, Charlie LHP L/L 6-5/215 College LSU Tall, projectable lefty with low-90s heater
94 Barney, Darwin 2B R/R 5-10/175 College Oregon State Scrappy, speedy middle IF with contact bat
95 Gilmore, Jon 3B R/R 6-3/190 High School Iowa City (IA) Perfect baseball athlete with good hitting skills
96 Poreda, Aaron LHP L/L 6-5/220 College San Francisco Tall and strong lefty with good heater
97 LeMahieu, D.J. SS R/R 6-4/185 High School Brother Rice (MI) Tall infielder with strong limbs, power potential
98 Robles, Tanner LHP L/L 6-4/190 High School Cottonwood (UT) Tall and athletic lefty with power arsenal
99 D'Alessio, Andy 1B L/R 6-4/220 College Clemson Smooth first baseman with developing power stroke
100 Grandal, Yasmani C L/R 6-2/205 High School Miami Springs (FL) Solid defensive backstop with good offensive tools
101 Simmons, James RHP R/R 6-3/190 College UC Riverside Polished, control RHP with cutter-change repertoire
102 Demel, Sam CL R/R 6-0/185 College TCU Shorter yet electric college closer
103 Gallagher, Nolan RHP R/R 6-3/185 College Stanford Projectable yet unpolished RHP with good stuff
104 Emaus, Brad 3B R/R 6-0/195 College Tulane Baseball rat with average tools across the board

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