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Should Tommy John be in the Hall of Fame?
1. Yes
2. No

Show me the top players that match the following criteria:
Minimum AB: Team:
Minimum IP:  
Combined Teams    
Single Team    
Hector Bernal (FA) .385
Yovani Gallardo (FA) .381
Andrew Lefave (WSH) .353
Cole Gillespie (ARI) .344
Jeff Cirillo (FA) .319
Cole Gillespie (ARI) .464
Andrew Lefave (WSH) .427
Yovani Gallardo (FA) .409
Chris Errecart (FA) .406
Steve Sollmann (FA) .394
Billy Hall (SEA) .553
Carlos Lee (TEX) .549
Cole Gillespie (ARI) .548
Laynce Nix (FA) .533
Nelson Cruz (TEX) .528
Cole Gillespie (ARI) 1.012
Chris Errecart (FA) .924
Andrew Lefave (WSH) .919
Nelson Cruz (TEX) .907
Billy Hall (SEA) .900
Billy Hall (SEA) 35
Carlos Lee (TEX) 28
Prince Fielder (FA) 28
Ryan Braun (MIL) 22
Nelson Cruz (TEX) 20
Billy Hall (SEA) 85
Brendan Katin (FA) 83
Carlos Lee (TEX) 81
Prince Fielder (FA) 81
Ryan Braun (MIL) 77
Prince Fielder (FA) 154
Billy Hall (SEA) 145
Brendan Katin (FA) 143
Drew Anderson (FA) 139
David Bell (FA) 136
Billy Hall (SEA) 39
Brendan Katin (FA) 36
Prince Fielder (FA) 35
Tony Graffanino (FA) 33
Ryan Braun (MIL) 31
Travis Ezi (FA) 8
Steve Chapman (FA) 8
Chuckie Caufield (FA) 6
Brent Brewer (FA) 6
Tony Gwynn Jr (SD) 5
Ozzie Chavez (FA) 5
Drew Anderson (FA) 5
Jermaine Clark (FA) 33
Callix Crabbe (FA) 32
Mike Goetz (FA) 31
Tony Gwynn Jr (SD) 30
Alcides Escobar (KC) 28
Billy Hall (SEA) 101
Prince Fielder (FA) 82
Drew Anderson (FA) 78
Ryan Braun (MIL) 76
Brendan Katin (FA) 75
Brad Nelson (FA) 81
Steve Moss (FA) 71
Callix Crabbe (FA) 71
Billy Hall (SEA) 63
Prince Fielder (FA) 59
K's (batting)
Billy Hall (SEA) 162
Steve Moss (FA) 136
Geoff Jenkins (FA) 129
Prince Fielder (FA) 125
Brendan Katin (FA) 123
At Bats
Prince Fielder (FA) 569
Billy Hall (SEA) 537
Brendan Katin (FA) 508
David Bell (FA) 504
Steve Moss (FA) 484
Geoff Jenkins (FA) 484
K:BB (batting)
Mike Goetz (FA) 0.59
Ryan Metcalf (FA) 0.71
Garry Savas (FA) 0.80
Steve Sollmann (FA) 0.82
Cole Gillespie (ARI) 0.85
Steve Palazzolo (FA) 1.85
Yovani Gallardo (FA) 1.87
Josh Alliston (FA) 2.30
Steve Bray (FA) 2.35
Gerrit Simpson (FA) 2.61
Steve Bray (FA) 0.94
Yovani Gallardo (FA) 1.00
Carlos Villanueva (TOR) 1.08
Rick Helling (FA) 1.09
Josh Alliston (FA) 1.09
K:BB (pitching)
Ben Sheets (FA) 8.00
Travis Wendte (FA) 7.75
Steve Bray (FA) 6.82
Dave Bush (FA) 4.37
Mike McClendon (FA) 4.25
Carlos Villanueva (TOR) 13
Dave Bush (FA) 12
Steve Hammond (SF) 11
Yovani Gallardo (FA) 11
Doug Davis (FA) 11
Chris Capuano (FA) 11
Chris Capuano (FA) 12
Steve Hammond (SF) 11
Doug Davis (FA) 11
Dave Bush (FA) 11
Corey Thurman (FA) 10
Ben Hendrickson (KC) 10
Walks (pitching)
Doug Davis (FA) 102
Dennis Sarfate (HOU) 82
Josh Wahpepah (FA) 58
Zach Jackson (CLE) 58
Dana Eveland (ARI) 57
K's (pitching)
Yovani Gallardo (FA) 188
Chris Capuano (FA) 174
Dave Bush (FA) 166
Carlos Villanueva (TOR) 159
Doug Davis (FA) 159
Derrick Turnbow (FA) 24
Francisco Cordero (FA) 22
Alec Zumwalt (FA) 20
Joe Valentine (FA) 13
Allan Simpson (FA) 10
Hits (pitching)
Chris Capuano (FA) 229
Doug Davis (FA) 206
Dave Bush (FA) 201
Tim Dillard (FA) 167
Zach Jackson (CLE) 154
Runs (pitching)
Doug Davis (FA) 118
Dave Bush (FA) 111
Chris Capuano (FA) 108
Zach Jackson (CLE) 81
Ben Hendrickson (KC) 77
Earned Runs
Doug Davis (FA) 111
Dave Bush (FA) 103
Chris Capuano (FA) 99
Zach Jackson (CLE) 72
Carlos Villanueva (TOR) 68
Ben Hendrickson (KC) 68
HR (pitching)
Chris Capuano (FA) 29
Dave Bush (FA) 26
Carlos Villanueva (TOR) 20
Doug Davis (FA) 19
Justin Lehr (FA) 17
Zach Jackson (CLE) 17

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