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When can a player be traded?
A player can be traded from 4 PM Central time on the day after the end of the regular scheduled season until July 31st. After that, waivers must be used to make trades from August 1st until 4 PM Central, on the day after the end of the regular season.

Can a player refuse a trade?
A player can a refuse a trade under these circumstances:
  • A no-trade clause has been written into his contract
  • A player who has ten years of major league service time, and has spend the last five years with the same club, may refuse a trade

A player who has at least five years of major league service time and has been traded in the middle of a multi-year contract is allowed to demand a trade prior to the start of the season following the one that he was traded in.

What kinds of players cannot be traded?
  • Players on the disabled list
  • Players who have not played a year of professional baseball

Often, players who are on the disabled list can ultimately be traded by being named as a "player to be named later".

What does it mean to trade for a "player to be named later"?

Occasionally, a team may make a trade that involves a player that is not named at the time of the trade. Here are the restrictions on which players can be traded in this manner:

  • The player must be named within 6 months of the trade
  • The player can't play in the same league as the team he is being traded to

Sometimes, if the teams can't agree on a player, an amount of money will be paid in place of that player. Also, the teams involved in the trade often negotiate a list of players which the player to be named later can be selected from.

What are "waivers"?
A waiver is defined as a permission a club is granted to assign or release a player.
The two types of waviers are waivers to assign a player, and waivers to give a player his unconditional release. The "waiver" is granted to a club after all other clubs have a chance to claim that player. If the intent is to release a player, once the player has cleared waivers, the player is released. Otherwise, the player can be transferred (or sent to another club) until the end of the waiver period. A team that request waivers must do so by 2 PM ET, Monday through Friday. After the commissioner's office notifies all other clubs, the clubs have three business days to place a claim on the player. Permission to claim a player is based upon waiver order.
Only 7 players can be placed on waivers by a team per day.

What are the "waiver periods"?
  1. Aug 1st - Nov 10
  2. Nov 11 - 30th day of the regular season
  3. 31st day of the season - July 31

What is the "waiver order"?
The priority goes to the team with the worst overall MLB record. Before the 31st day of the season, the previous season's final standings are used.

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