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Toby's Power 50
  Power 50 Notes
last updated: 06/12/2003

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Nice batch of minor leaguers here - surely a few will make their mark in baseball history. Use the Internet to learn about the history of baseball, from baseball drafts to baseball drills.
  Power 50
+/- Rank  Name  Level  Pos  Age 
 01 Hardy, J.J.   MLB   SS 37 R R
  When a guy can miss three weeks worth of games and still lead a talented club in home runs, you know you have something special
 02 Nelson, Brad   A   1B 37 L R
  Nelly is due back within the next week, officially ending the gimp race between he and Hardy for the #1 spot
 03 Jones, Mike   A   MR 36 R R
  Putting together a nice hot streak, though still looking to go on a Neugie-esque tear in the Southern League
 04 Fielder, Prince   A   1B 35 L R
  Prince is still walking a lot, but is also third on the club in strikeouts
 05 Krynzel, Dave   MLB   CF 38 L L
  Might be time to leash Dave to first base for while
 06 Parra, Manny   A   MR 37 L L
  Hasn't hit a batter yet this season while trying to work inside a lot, which is a testament to Manny's control prowess
 07 Hendrickson, Ben   MLB   SP 38 R R
  Rumored to be going to Beloit before heading to Huntsville, but would be surprising if it happened
 08 Hart, Corey   A   OF 37 R R
  Bat continues to stay hot, pulling ahead of Hardy in batting average
 09 Ford, Matt   A   MR 38 S L
  Yost was quoted as saying he wanted to give Matt a few starts, and the prospoect of that happening is looming closer and closer
 10 Martinez, Luis   MLB   SP 39 L L
  There is a chance that Luis could be promoted to Indy for the second half of the season
 11 Petty, Chad   A   SP 37 L L
  The good news is, is that Chad's 12.79 ERA is not the worst ERA on the club and will probably only come down the rest of the way
 12 Diggins, Ben   A   MR 40 R R
  Lots of conflicting news on the nature of Diggins' injury coming in, but my guess is surgery remains unlikely
 13 Cruz, Enrique   A   SS 38 R R
  It's nice to see Clayton's average back over .200 so that Enrique doesn't have to worry about playing more or anything
 14 Clark, D.J.   A   LF 40 L R
  Still nice to the OBP still up, but it would be even nicer to see the bat start coming around as well
1  15 Wilhelmsen, Tom   A   MR 36 R R
  Proof that it's OK for your kids to listen to rock 'n roll
1  16 Johnson, Kade   A   C 41 R R
  The race heats up: Kade has closed the gap to only 21 BA points between himself and Kremblas
1  17 Moss, Steve   A   CF 35 R R
  Second on the Beloit squad in OBP, and gaining ground on Fielder in that department
1  18 Liriano, Pedro   A   SP 39 R R
  No walks allowed in last outing and was rewarded with a loss on an unearned run
2  19 Belcher, Jason   A   RF 37 L R
  This is not your father's High Desert team: Jason leads the team with a .451 slugging percentage
2  20 Zoccolillo, Peter   AAA   RF 42 L R
  Zocco's batting average catching up to the .300 mark, and the power display is beginning to come around
1  21 Hall, Billy   MLB   3B 39 R R
  Swapping JJ and Billy after the midseason break makes way too much sense right now to happen
1  22 Chavez, Ozzie   A   IF 36 S R
  4 errors in first 17 games yet one more sign that not everything is right yet with Ozzie
 23 Carpenter, Calvin   A   SP 37 R R
  Not assigned to the Helena roster, so Beloit return could be looming
 24 Ballouli, Khalid   A   SP 39 R R
  Apologies to anyone who thinks Khalid does not have the most attractive lady friend in the Brewers' system
 25 Palmisano, Lou   A   C 37 R R
  Hometown newspaper had him assigned to Beloit, but Lou will almost definitely be headed to Helena
 26 Gold, J.M.   A   SP 39 R R
  Will this latest injury finally convince the Brewers that maybe JM's future lies in the bullpen?
 27 Murray, Josh   A   3B 35 R R
  Josh might be wise to try working some at third base in the near future, as the middle infield path appears to be blocked by Hardy and Weeks
 28 Childers, Matt   A   MR 41 R R
  Another guy that could be in line for a midseason promotion, especially with his work at Indy last season
 29 Varner, Noochie   MLB   RF 39 R R
  Batting average is out of the sewer, plate discipline still in it
 30 Adams, Mike   MLB   CL 41 R R
  Still inconsistent in relief, so here's a thought: try stretching Mike out in the rotation to see if he can work some kinks out over longer outings
1  31 Morris, Chris   A   CF 40 S R
  Speaking of feeling the pinch of having a lot of CF propsects, Chris has to be worried about his future with the club
1  32 Thomas, Eric M.   A   SP 38 R R
  Probably assigned to the Helena club, but last we heard, won't be pitching for them right away
 33 Pember, David   A   SP 41 S R
  Todd Richie's season ending injury could have given David a chance to get back to Milwaukee
 34 Crabbe, Callix   A   UT 36 S R
  Batting average up nearly 50 points in two weeks
 35 Raburn, Johnny   A   IF 40 S R
  Should be the favorite to be promoted if/when Hardy gets promoted to Indy
 36 Barnes, Justin   A   MR 37 R R
  With 11th rounder Heether in the fold, it'll be interesting to see where Justin plays in Helena
3  37 Sarfate, Dennis   MLB   MR 38 R R
  High Desert officials have to be praying the Brewers are willing to promote at least one of the starters to their club soon, and Sarfate looks like a good candidate for that
 38 Villanueva, Froilan   A   C 41 R R
  Froilan is hitting the ball a bit harder as of late, giving the Mavs some much needed power
 39 Eveland, Dana   MLB   SP 36 L L
  Assigned to Helena, along with 20 other pitchers, so if they give Dana a rotation spot, it'll be an honor
1  40 Ramirez, Carlos   A   SP 35 L L
  Looks like Carlos will be back in the Arizona League again... bleh
1  41 Santana, Ralph   A   2B 38 S R
  One of the more interesting surprises of the season is Ralph out-playing Raburn in High Desert
new  42 Fermaint, Charlie   A   CF 34 R R
  Speedy Puerto Rican draft pick has the skill set to be a dy-no-mite corner outfielder
 43 Parker, Matt   A   SP 41 R R
  Zapped back out of the rotation with the promotion of Jeff Robinson
1  44 Gemoll, Brandon   A   1B 39 L L
  Brandon seems to be sacrificing some plate discipline and batting average for more power
2  45 Housman, Jeff   A   MR 38 L L
  WHIP is sneaking up close to 1.00, but that's the biggest of Jeff's problems right now
2  46 Stavros, Tony   A   CL 39 R R
  Tony's present run on the Power 50 may be drawing to a close unless he gets his game going the right way quickly
1  47 Esparragoza, Pedro   A   C 37 R R
  Admirably battling Vanden Berg for playing time, but Petey still can't match Vandy's offensive game
1  48 Mannon, Adam   A   RF 36 R R
  Along with Fermaint, Adam should be part of one of the more athletic outfields in the system in Arizona
new  49 Vanden Berg, John   A   C 39 R R
  Battling back offensively and getting his batting average up closer to where it was in Ogden
new  50 Miller, Ryan   A   MR 41 R R
  Parker got some Power 50 love, so now Miller is again, too

Players removed this week: Bo Hall... Joe Lawrence... Francisco Plasencia...

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