Power 50 Notes
last updated: 04/24/2005

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  Power 50
+/- Rank  Name  Level  Pos  Age 
 01 Fielder, Prince   A   1B 36 L R
  This is the first sub-par April Prince has had since he started teething
 02 Weeks, Rickie   A   2B 37 R R
  Swinging hard at everything it seems, which has helped boost his power and hurt his plate discipline
 03 Hardy, J.J.   MLB   SS 37 R R
  Has to be one of the few major league players in the modern era to not strike out in his first 40+ ABs
 04 Capellan, Jose   MLB   CL 39 R R
  Must keep concentrating on getting into a groove with his curveball, because he won't be a starter in the bigs on the power of his fastball alone
2  05 Krynzel, Dave   MLB   CF 38 L L
  To his credit, Dave did everything expected of him this spring and took the demotion to AAA like a man
1  06 Hendrickson, Ben   MLB   SP 39 R R
  New mechanics = bad results
1  07 Hart, Corey   A   OF 38 R R
  Like many of his peers throughout the system, Corey is off to a very bad start at the plate
1  08 De La Rosa, Jorge   MLB   MR 39 L L
  Effectively wild in long relief with the Crew, but if his control doesn't get much better, he's going to be effectively stuck in the bullpen for a long time
1  09 Parra, Manny   A   MR 37 L L
  Has the highest ERA (4.20) among the Huntsville starters, but that won't last long
 10 Nelson, Brad   A   1B 37 L R
  Brad has decided taking walks is a fun thing to do (he leads the system with 16)
1  11 Eveland, Dana   MLB   SP 36 L L
  My only worry about Dana right now is his propensity to give up a few too many well-hit balls
1  12 Rogers, Mark   A   SP 34 R R
  No longer has the pressure of being the only Rogers picked #1 by a Wisconsin sports team
1  13 Gallardo, Yovani   A   SP 34 R R
  While Rogers has been struggling with control in Charleston, Yo has only walked one guy in 12 innings with the Power
1  14 Cruz, Nelson   MLB   RF 40 R R
  It won't be much longer before Cruz forces the Brewers to promote him to Nashville, and that's where he should of started anyway
2  15 Sarfate, Dennis   MLB   MR 39 R R
  It's a fine line with Dennis: he's now catching much more of the strike zone with his pitches, but he's getting hit a little harder... he has to find the medium
3  16 Palmisano, Lou   A   C 37 R R
  The Cap'n is off to a slugglish start, though he isn't striking out much
1  17 Pena, Luis   A   CL 37 R R
  The Brewers may be looking for Luis to fill out his frame more than anything else over the course of the season - gaining around 10-15 pounds would do wonders for the guy
2  18 Iribarren, Hernan   MLB   2B 36 L R
  The Hurricane is more of a tropical depression at this point
 19 Salome, Angel   A   OF 34 R R
  Thankfully didn't break camp with the Power as he needs quite a bit of work with his offensive game
 20 Mercedes, Roque   A   SP 33 R R
  I have a feeling we'll see Roque in West Virginia by the end of the season
1  21 Escobar, Alcides   MLB   SS 33 R R
  20 strikeouts and 1 walk is not a good indicator of things to come
1  22 Housman, Jeff   A   MR 38 L L
  So-so with Nashville and the question of Housman finally hitting the talent wall will keep being asked the longer he has trouble with AAA batters
4  23 Crabbe, Callix   A   UT 37 S R
  Callix knows how to play the small man's game without a doubt, and he'll keep knocking on that second base door, despite Weeks being the future incumbent
1  24 Moss, Steve   A   CF 36 R R
  Seems like ages since Steve has had a real good streak at the plate
 25 Wahpepah, Josh   A   MR 35 R R
  The oft-described "groundball machine" has given up the most home runs in the system
2  26 Baker, Josh   A   MR 38 R R
  If he keeps pitching like this, Baker will move from the fast track to the very slow track
1  27 Jones, Mike   A   MR 37 R R
  Had another shoulder surgery last week, and as much as another shoulder surgery could be considered a success, it was a success
2  28 Cruz, Enrique   A   SS 38 R R
  Hitting the ball well this time around in AA, but it is still a long way back to Milwaukee
1  29 Woolard, Glenn   A   SP 39 R R
  Can't be happy about being sent back to AA after finding success in AAA last year
1  30 Wooley, Robbie   A   SP 35 R R
  Huge test this year for Robbie awaits him in West Virginia
3  31 Gwynn Jr, Tony   MLB   OF 37 L R
  Getting hits for a change - maybe that experience at Miller Park was a wake-up call
1  32 Richardson, Grant   A   1B 37 R R
  Like most of his Power teammates, really having a tough time at the plate... maybe it is the new stadium?
1  33 Sollmann, Steve   A   UT 38 R R
  Have to give a guy who jumped past A-ball a little bit of an adjustment period, which is what I'm giving Steve
5  34 Taubenheim, Ty   A   SP 37 R R
  I'm sure my year long campaign to get Ty in a rotation had something with Ty being in the rotation with the Manatees
2  35 Costello, Ryan   A   SP 41 R L
  Not exactly a vote of confidence for Ryan when he was demoted after having a good year in AA
1  36 Barnes, Justin   A   MR 37 R R
  Had a plain old bad spring, so he's still in Arizona
5  37 Heether, Adam   MLB   IF 38 R R
  Survived a brutal collision at home plate, a good first step to surviving the year in Brevard
2  38 Diggins, Ben   A   MR 41 R R
  Mechanics are beyond messed up at the moment
2  39 Slack, Nick   A   CL 37 R R
  I don't know if it is more weird that Nick is repeating A+ ball or if he is getting shelled in a more pitch-friendly league
3  40 Anderson, Drew   A   OF 39 L R
  Keeps right on hitting, but without more power, it is questionable if he'll make it
 41 Gamble, Jerome   A   MR 40 R R
  Lights-out apart from a bad outing
4  42 Rottino, Vinny   MLB   UT 40 R R
  Defensive versatility is great, but the key to Vinny's future lies in his bat
3  43 Brady, Josh   A   1B 39 R R
  A 90 (yes, 90) OPS in his first 43 full-season ABs... ouch
1  44 Stetter, Mitch   A   MR 39 L L
  Doing that lefty-relief thing well 16 games into the season
1  45 Novinsky, John   A   MR 41 R R
  Evidently injured and still in Arizona
1  46 Fermaint, Charlie   A   CF 34 R R
  Much like Salome, I thank the Brewers for holding Charlie back in Arizona
new  47 Dillard, Tim   A   MR 36 R R
  Shifted to the rotation this year, Dillard has been very effective in the middle of an emerging Brevard staff
1  48 Vanden Berg, John   A   C 40 R R
  Getting almost no playing time in AA with Winchester and Rottino also on the roster
new  49 Villanueva, Carlos   MLB   MR 36 R R
  The key for Villanueva is to keep the ball down and get grounders - when he's on, he's very, very good
 50 Lewis, Will   A   UT 38 R R
  The only West Virginia player batting over .300, Lewis should be moved up a level once he gets some more outfield experience

Players removed this week: Andy Pratt... Alberto Segura...