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Toby's Power 50
  Power 50 Notes
last updated: 06/07/2007

Here's your 2nd Power 50 of the 2007 regular season. You'll be a bit surprised at the lack of movement among the top eight, but that just means that each is meeting or exceeding expectations, so that's a good thing. And our former #9, Tony Gwynn, graduated based on the 150 major league at-bat limit for the P50. Many of the fringe players on the list will really have to fight to keep their spots next month with the influx of prospects coming in from this week's draft. No fewer than 12 players not on the Power 50 received votes from among the triumverate of Brewerfan staff now compiling the list, so there are candidates to slide in should others falter. And yes, it does still say "Toby's Power 50" on the banner above -- in part an honorarium, because nobody will ever do this as well as Toby, and in part because Brian still has to get around to changing that. :)    
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  Power 50
+/- Rank  Name  Level  Pos  Age 
 01 Braun, Ryan   MLB   OF 36 R R
  From dominating AAA to looking comfortable in the 3-spot in the Brewer lineup -- yeah, Ryan's still #1
 02 Gallardo, Yovani   A   SP 33 R R
  On 29 other clubs, he'd be in the big league rotation. This could be an unusual case in which the Brewers' starting rotation depth is actually hurting the won-loss record.
 03 Inman, Will   MLB   SP 32 R R
  Opponents are 10-for-57 (.154) against Will with runners in scoring position this season. Inman is the king of the bear-down in tough situations, which of course, are relatively rare given Will's insane overall numbers.
 04 Salome, Angel   A   OF 33 R R
  Happy 21st birthday this week to Angel, whose career and seasonal walk and strikeout numbers are very similar to that of the current Brewer big-league backstop.
 05 Gillespie, Cole   MLB   LF 35 R R
  Cole's been streaky-hot and cold in 2007, but watch out, he's 9-for-his-last-23, so he's heating up again.
 06 Parra, Manny   A   MR 37 L L
  Still striking out a man per inning with a 3-to-1 K/BB ratio, Manny taking the ball every five days without incident has been one of the most pleasant developments of the season thus far.
 07 Cain, Lorenzo   MLB   CF 33 R R
  There are still parts of Cain's game that need development, such as his walk rate, but it's not easy being productive AND raw at the same time. Because he's pulling it off, imagine what future progress refinement will bring.
 08 Jeffress, Jeremy   A   MR 32 R R
  Two OK starts under his belt, but we'll see if bypassing Helena proves to be a wise decision.
3  09 Brewer, Brent   A   SS 32 R R
  Brent has said he's even surprised himself with his production this season. Helena fans are missing out on both Brewer and Jeremy Jeffress.
10  10 Thatcher, Joe   A   MR 38 L L
  A move to Nashville helps Joe make a big Power 50 jump, but so does Brian Shouse's recent struggles. Shousie needs a southpaw bullpen partner.
4  11 Dillard, Tim   A   MR 36 R R
  Tim's still not striking anybody out, and his .302 batting average against isn't impressive, so we probably have Tim and his 3.68 ERA higher than we should simply because he's a 23-year-old in the AAA rotation.
10  12 Ford, Darren   MLB   CF 34 R R
  All indications are the additional half-season of low-A ball certainly didn't harm Ford's expected progression through the system.
3  13 Hinton, Robert   A   MR 35 R R
  Although Robert's disastrous inning this week came after our monthly rankings were submitted, Hinton remains a top bullpen prospect.
 14 Escobar, Alcides   MLB   SS 33 R R
  The extra base hits started showing up in May, but seven walks in 244 AB's? Yikes. Just keep telling yourself Alcides won't turn 22 until December.
2  15 Rottino, Vinny   MLB   UT 39 R R
  Rottino has a .968 OPS in 74 AB's with runners on base -- Vinny, your minimum-wage big league salary will fit nicely on next year's Brewer roster.
6  16 Fermaint, Charlie   A   CF 34 R R
  Two recent big-production games can't negate 44 non-productive ones. Another of the several Manatees who needs to work on plate discipline.
6  17 Jackson, Zach   MLB   MR 36 L L
  Zach's having a perfectly acceptable AAA season, but without a wow factor, we're left feeling just a tad empty.
1  18 Gamel, Mat   A   1B 34 L R
  The fact that Mat hasn't allowed his defensive woes to impact his offense bodes well. The Florida air is heavy, but where's that first HR? (17 in West Virgina last season.)
1  19 Iribarren, Hernan   MLB   2B 35 L R
  Fun fact - Hernan's middle name is Alcides, and Escobar's middle name is Hernan. OK, you got me, but the first part is true.
1  20 Rogers, Mark   A   SP 34 R R
  No news is good news as far as Mark's Power 50 ranking goes. But there's a lot of collective breath being held until fall instructionals and then spring 2008.
9  21 Palmisano, Lou   A   C 37 R R
  33 RBI in 135 AB's -- Lou, we had forgotten how much fun Palmisano circa 2003-04 was; welcome back to prospectdom.
6  22 Braddock, Zach   A   MR 32 L L
  Apparently shoulder tendinitis really is "just" tendinitis in this case, as we should see the exciting Mr. Braddock back by the end of June.
10  23 Sarfate, Dennis   MLB   MR 38 R R
  Dennis just kind of existing in Nashville right now with Luther Hackman closing more often than not.
2  24 Brantley, Michael   MLB   OF 32 L L
  The age vs. production ratio is so critical, and having just turned 20, Mickey's son is on the high end of the spectrum.
 25 Errecart, Chris   A   1B 34 R L
  A .360 April was followed up by a .217 May, meaning overall Chris is about where he should be right now.
3  26 Hammond, Steve   MLB   SP 37 L L
  Hammond hasn't made it out of the 6th inning in any of his last seven starts -- one of the few P50 guys you can say has had a truly disappointing first half.
2  27 Chapman, Steve   A   1B 34 L L
  Steve's starting to fall into a bit of an all-or-nothing trap (.146 in his last ten games), but he's been an important power cog (pun intended) in the West Virginia lineup.
4  28 Garrison, Steve   MLB   SP 33 L L
  None of the peripheral pitching numbers stick out at all -- in fact, they're mediocre, but 20-year-old lefty's holding their own in high-A earn brownie points.
new  29 McClendon, Mike   A   MR 34 R R
  Power pitching coach John Curtis says Mike's outlived his low-A usefullness (WHIP under 1.00), and we agree. Very projectable build at 6'5", 215.
3  30 Perez, Yohannis   A   SS 37 R R
  Hopefully, "Yohannis" is not Spanish for career .554 OPS.
3  31 Seidel, R.J.   A   MR 32 R R
  All of LaCrosse awaits hometown boy R.J.'s first Helena start and pro debut.
1  32 Anundsen, Evan   A   SP 31 R R
  2006 4th rounder and Colorado high schooler Anundsen should be in his Rocky Mountain element while part of Helena's rotation in the beautiful Big Sky environment.
5  33 Katin, Brendan   A   OF 37 R R
  Brendan's 42 RBI is tied for 5th in the Southern League, and he's sneaking up on all of us with a really sweet AA season.
9  34 Periard, Alex   A   SP 32 L R
  Alex hasn't pitched since May 22nd with what's being termed an ear infection, hopefully minus the Ben Sheets-like side effects.
 35 Pascual, Rolando   A   RHP 30 R R
  It wouldn't be a surprise to see the big bonus baby repeat with Arizona Rookie after last season's rough-and-tumble debut.
 36 Moss, Steve   A   CF 36 R R
  Steve's doing just about everything a little bit better in his repeat AA season, but is that enough to get Power 50 followers truly excited?
5  37 Ramirez, Luis   A   SP 31 L L
  The lefty Venezuelan is one of the few Brewer Latin pitcher signees who has displayed command and poise from the get-go; he's getting too much of the plate this season, it seems.
2  38 Bray, Steve   A   MR 39 R R
  Opponents are only hitting .210 off Steve, but his 15 walks in 28 innings pales to last years's 11 in 85, and really, that's what put him on the Power 50 in the first place.
2  39 Nelson, Brad   A   1B 37 L R
  Brad was in the Top 3 of Toby's Power 50 36 times, and enjoyed a stretch of 12 P50 rankings in a row at #1 in 2002-03. Man, that seems like a long time ago -- because it was.
8  40 Sollmann, Steve   A   UT 37 R R
  Steve is Kevin Youkilis but with some speed, and they even share the same home town of Cincinnati. Yeah, he's 25, but he'll find a big league roster somewhere down the road.
new  41 Green, Taylor   A   IF 33 L R
  The absolute most pleasant surprise of the 2007 season, the kid was the last man on the West Virginia roster and was only asked to play third base because there was no one else penciled in. A wonderful reminder why even unheralded 25th round draft picks matter.
1  42 Bell, Michael   A   2B 34 R R
  Mike's getting regular playing time with the Manatees, but isn't doing a whole lot with it right now.
12  43 Anderson, Drew   A   OF 38 L R
  Anderson's 12-game Huntsville stay straightened out Drew's swing, it seems, but his ranking takes a tumble based on his .443 OPS in May.
2  44 Bouchie, Andy   A   C 34 R R
  Bouchie's backstop mate with the Power, Martin Maldonado, has actually been a bit more impressive numbers-wise than Andy thus far.
new  45 Haydel, Lee   A   OF 32 L R
  One of five members of the Brewers final draft-and-follow class, it'd be fun to see the supersonic CF Haydel and Darren Ford in a competitive sprint.
3  46 Welch, David   A   SP 36 L L
  Would like to see more ground ball outs for the non-strikeout Aussie lefty, but David sure knows how to limit baserunners.
3  47 Salas, Marino   MLB   CL 38 R R
  The Brewers always do their best to make sure there's a strong closer at every affiliate, sometimes placing those back-end guys at levels they should technically be above. Salas, the waiver claim from the Orioles, is just toying with Southern League hitters and keeping the Stars solidly in the playoff chase.
new  48 Robinson, Chad   A   MR 32 R R
  The polished JUCO RHP already has half a million reasons to be happy he's a Brewer.
2  49 Wahpepah, Josh   A   MR 35 R R
  Josh continues to do the job in his new relief role -- he'll need to keep getting those ground balls.
new  50 Bryson, Rob   MLB   SP 32 R R
  Third member of the DFE class to crack the P50 upon signing -- is that fair to every other current Brewer farmhand, all tied for 51st? To be honest, probably not...

Players removed this week: Tony Gwynn Jr... Mike Jones... Rafael Lluberes... Roque Mercedes... Alec Zumwalt...

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