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Scouting the Future, sits down with Jack Zduriencik

on 01/21/2003 would like to thank Jack Zduriencik, Tom Flanagan & the entire amateur scouting department for giving us the chance to sit down & get a better idea of some of the finer points of amateur scouting. Their primary responsibility is scouting high school, college & junior college players leading up to the June draft, the biggest day of the scouting year. For a struggling, low budget team almost devoid of major league talent, draft day is arguably the biggest day of the year. (BF): You have a pretty extensive history of scouting: You currently are the director of scouting for the Brewers, a position you also held with the Pirates in the early 90s, you were the director of international scouting with the Dodgers serving as a special assistant to the GM, and you have served several different roles with the scouting & player development departments with the Mets. Given all of your experience, who is the best player you have ever scouted at the amateur level? Who's the best player you've been responsible for signing?

Jack Zduriencik (JZ): Well Arod (Alex Rodriguez) would be the best player. Thinking back on it, he's the best player I ever saw. Of course, he was the number one pick in the country, and it was almost a no-brainer that he would be the number one pick. The most dominating player that I ever saw though to compete at any level, and I'm not saying that he was the best player as a big league player, but for what he did for his team was Pete Incaviglia of Oklahoma State. When you consider back, I think it was


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