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About Us
"indispensable... one of the best team-specific references on the web"
-- Baseball Prospectus 2005, pg. 138
"an unbelieveable site"
-- Jim Callis, Baseball America was founded in May 2001 (as, and its goal since that time has been to provide an independent view of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball organization, from top to bottom. The site is community driven, drawing from the knowledge and enthusiasm of the die-hard fans of the club. is non-profit, and any revenue derived in any way shape or form goes directly back into the site. Staff members work only out of fondness of the club, and hope to turn casual fans into die-hard ones. Staff
  Brian Kapellusch
President / Director of Site Operations

Brian founded in May of 2001. He currently does all of the programming and much of the grunt-work that keeps the site running on a day-to-day basis.

Fan Forum name: Brian the Automator
Current Residence: Waukesha, WI

  Patrick Ebert
Graphic Artist / Director of Amateur Baseball Operations

Patrick has supplied graphic art since brewerfan's inception. You can see his work anywhere on the site, and in the high-quality items in the store. He has also taken the role of supplying the site with the bulk of the information on the draft. Patrick is also a staff writer for Perfect Game, USA, baseball's premier scouting report service.

Fan Forum name: colbyjack
Current Residence: Milwaukee, WI

  Jim Goulart
Director of Research

Jim subtly worked his way onto the brewerfan staff by providing its first ever player interview. He currently provides the minor league link report (in the fan forum) which takes us on a daily tour around the minor leagues.

Fan Forum name: MassHaas
Current Residence: Assonet, MA

  Chris Hawkinson
Director of Major League Operations

Chris joined the staff in June of 2007, but he's been very involved with the site since its inception in 2001. He is in charge of overseeing all things specifically relating to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club.

Fan Forum name: BillScottCanRake
Current Residence: Onalaska, WI

  Brad Jiles
Director of Minor League Operations

Brad joined the staff in December of 2006, although he's been a user of the site and a positive influence since the very beginning of the site. He conducts minor league interviews and oversees all aspects of our minor league coverage.

Fan Forum name: pogokat
Current Residence: NC

Jamie Siegel   Jamie Siegel
Director of Public Relations

Jamie joined the staff in February of 2006, and handles the coordination of events and working with the media to promote the site.

Fan Forum name: brewerjamie15
Current Residence: Milwaukee, WI

Laura Hawing   Laura Hawing
Chat Room Director

Laura joined the staff in June of 2007, and handles the direction and oversees moderation of the chat room.

Fan Forum name: Hawing
Current Residence: Wisconsin
Email: Contributors
  Toby Harrmann
Power 50 Editor

Fan Forum name: And That
Current Residence: Minnesota

  Casey Shepherd
Usability Director

Fan Forum name: 1992casey
Current Residence: Chequamegon National Forest
"The guys over there set the standard for hard core fans..."
-- David Cameron, Baseball Prospectus
"The best Brewers fan site around"

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