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Feature sits down with Dave Krynzel

on 09/14/2003 recently had the privilege of sitting down with Huntsville Stars centerfielder Dave Krynzel.

BF: Have you ever heard of
DK: Yeah, I've heard about it from some guys that go on there. I've gone on to it with some of them.

BF: So have you've heard of the Power 50?
DK: I've heard of the Power 50.

BF: Have you ever looked to see where you're at?
DK: Last time I looked I think I was number 7.

BF: What do you think of the Power 50 and rating the top 50 prospects?
DK: I think it's a good feeling to have other people say he's here or I'm going to rate him at 7. I mean it's only a number and I don't know what it's based on whether it's stats or if it's personal but it's cool and it's a cool thing to have.

BF: Could you tell us a little bit about the draft process? What you went through and what teams were interested in you? How interested were the Brewers?
DK: The draft process is a big blur really. When you're 18 you don't really know what's going on and I don't think anyone really knows. You really don't know what's gonna happen I mean you get promised this and promised that and it doesn't happen or this team is interested and they don't take you. The Brewers definitely showed a lot of interest in me and I was fortunate enough to get picked by them.

BF: Do you see any differences between the Melvin and Taylor regime?
DK: I think both of them did a great job and Mr. Melvin is doing a great job. As far as what I've seen... I'm in AA and it looks great. Everyone looks great and there is nothing that I can say is going wrong.

BF: What kind of approach do you take at the plate? What are you looking to do when you get up there?
DK: I'm looking to hit the ball solid and situation wise get the job done. Situation wise if I'm trying to move the guy over, trying to lay a bunt down, sac fly, etc. I'm working on that to try to learn to do that on a consistent basis and the next level I go to I'll already have that accomplished. I've learned that. It's mainly learning, the whole process of trying to find my swing and working on my mechanics and just working hard.

BF: Is there any one area of the game you would like to improve on?
DK: Every part of my game I need to improve on. It's non-stop improvements, making adjustments everyday and every year. It's being consistent.

BF: If you were to bat against any pitcher past or present, who would it be?
DK: Any pitcher? That's a hard question... ... .I'm going to say JJ Hardy.

BF: Try to hit that elusive knuckleball.
DK: Yeah, see what he's got. It'd be fun. He'd try to strike me out and I'd try hit him. It'd be a competitive thing and it'd be fun.

BF: How do you feel about the comparisons people make to Steve Finley and Johnny Damon?
DK: It's always great to have somebody say that. He could be as good as this guy or he reminds me of this guy and it's awesome. It's a great feeling all the way around to be mentioned with those guys and those guys' names is awesome.

BF: Does that add any extra pressure to you? Like you feel you need to live up to those comparisons?
DK: Pressure wise, no, the pressure I put on myself to go out there and work hard everyday, to play this game and to realize what I'm doing and understand. However I do it there is always a reason why I do that, why I do good or why I do bad and just trying to figure that out.

BF: How do you feel about your strikeout numbers? Do you think they're high or right on?
DK: Real high, it's not something that I enjoy doing at all and it can only get better is the way I look at it.

BF: Do you have a timetable on when you expect to be in Milwaukee?
DK: My timetable goes day by day and I've definitely got future dreams and future goals that I've got in mind. There is no time/date or time that I think I should be there. When I'm ready I'm ready. All I'm trying to do is be the best centerfielder I can be.

BF: How close do you the follow the Brewers?
DK: Well I know they've won ten in row right now. Stats-wise and everything like that I don't pay much attention to what anyone sitting up there does unless they flash it on ESPN. I know that the Brewers are great guys and they're going out there trying to win. A lot of good people up there, I was up there for spring training. I learned a lot up there.

BF: How close do you follow other minor leaguers below you or above you like a Tony Gwynn Jr.?
DK: I just go by word, hearsay. I've never really looked. I've never really gone to Brewerfan and checked out their stats or anything like that. What I mainly do is check out the stats of some of my buddies from Vegas. One's a pitcher and one's a position player and see how their doing. I never really check stats and see how he's doing and compare him to me. That doesn't really matter to me at all.

BF: Who's the best pitcher you've ever faced?
DK: I'm going to say Will Smith at the USA tryouts when I was in high school. Will Smith had pitches I couldn't even explain what they did and he's a position player now.

BF: What's the best memory of playing in the Futures Game?
DK: That whole thing was unbelievable. So many parts were awesome. Playing in a big city like that and I live in Vegas. Chicago was unbelievable. Hotel was unbelievable. Everyone there was walking around, it was a whole different scene. It was great. The game, the way they took care of us, the way they treated us, the uniforms, everything had an accent on it and made me stop myself and think, you know what, this is great. I've worked really hard and I deserve to be here. I had fun and I competed. I met Carlton Fisk out there and to have him talk to us and everyone, the fans, the TV and altogether just one great experience.

BF: Best memory of the All Star Game this year?
DK: The All Star Game, I think the thing I like best about the All Star Game was that I got to spend it with a bunch of my teammates and we really took over the show at the All Star Game. Not really with stats or we all went 4 for 4 but that everyone knew that the Huntsville Stars had the team right there. There are a lot of good players from the Stars who weren't on that team and a lot of other guys on this team who could have made the All Star team and their stats weren't up to it or they wanted somebody else, another prospect to go. A lot of Stars went and that's mainly what I enjoyed most. Especially with Frank managing, that was awesome... was fun.

BF: Have you ever created yourself digitally in a video game?
DK: No, Midnight Club 2 is really what I'm playing right now. I'm not a big HALO fan. Midnight Club, I like race cars and stuff like that. Video games like that and my name is Weenis. That's a nickname I've had since high school. That's my name always. I've never made a create-a-player Dave Krynzel no way. I'd feel kind of like a dork doing that.

BF: What's the best city you've played in so far?
DK: I'm going to say the best city is a city I never played at in Dayton.

BF: I've heard they have a great stadium there.
DK: I didn't even play there but that's the best one I was going to play at. That's where I grew up and I wanted to play there so bad and I got moved up about a week before to the Cal league.

BF: What about the groupies and how prevalent are they? Are they like baseball and do they get better as you move up the ladder from A to AA, etc.?
DK: I wouldn't necessarily say groupies. We really don't have too many groups of people who hang around and want to hang out with you and do all that stuff in minor league baseball that I can see so far. I mean there is always people who are local who really are fans and really cheer you on and they know you and look at you every single day and they check your stats and I think that's great when people pay attention to you because that means they like you.

BF: What was your favorite team growing up?
DK: Cincinnati Reds... Pete Rose

BF: So that must make you feel happy with everything going on with him?
DK: Yes it does and that's one guy that I do keep a stat watch on and I pay attention to his son playing. Pete Rose - and he deserves what he wants.

BF: What are your goals short and long term?
DK: Goals I've always had in my life. To go out everyday and work as hard as I can on the things I want to work on. The main goal for my whole career is to be the best centerfielder I can be, wherever that takes me.

BF: How far from Las Vegas is High Desert?
DK: 2 1/2 hrs and 2 hrs in a Trans Am I know that. It's a good 2 1/2 hrs and I15 can get backed up pretty bad and as long as you don't go there on a Friday night and go back to California on a Sunday morning you're going to be alright.

BF: So your friends and family got to see a lot of you?
DK: Yes they did

BF: That had to be great.
DK: That was one of the best parts so far of minor league, to have the family come back and forth and see a friendly face pretty much every other weekend.

BF: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us.
DK: Thank you.


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