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Anatomy of a Near-Perfect Affiliate Website - Kudos, Nashville!

on 03/17/2006


The Milwaukee Brewers changed the landscape of their minor league affiliation significantly after the 2004 season, as the Brewer farmhands left Midwestern homes in Indianapolis and Beloit, along with California League outpost High Desert, for the more conveniently clustered ballparks in Nashville, Tennessee, Brevard County (Melbourne, Florida) and Charleston, West Virginia. Huntsville, Alabama is now the grandfather of Brewer relationships, established in 1999, while after a brief respite from Pioneer League activity in Helena, Montana, the Brewers returned to that town in 2003.

This article won't analyze the impact these relocations may have had in terms of player development, however. No, we're here to celebrate the world of affiliate websites, and there's plenty of news on that front. We're also here to anoint the Nashville Sounds website as darn-near as perfect a website as a Brewer minor league diehard could envision. By the way, Huntsville's not far behind. More on our specific reviews in a bit


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