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The Pondering Game

on 10/23/2001

Looking for the next big deal The season is over, the Brewers finished poorly, we as fans have to get over it. Despite what our illustrious local media say, there are a lot of Brewers fans around who are not swayed out of their loyalty to this team, who DO believe they will improve and Do believe they will make the post season, and are willing to be loyal, a sadly uncommon trait in today's sports fans (hear THAT Haudricourt?).
That said, I wanted to touch briefly on some predictions, and some of the things (positive and otherwise) for the team to look for going into next season (if I touch on previously covered subjects, please forgive me)..
#1.. Again we are looking for a strong leadoff man, with wheels who can take pitches to draw walks and a good OBP, (Fernando Vina anyone)? I'm not sure about Cedeno, depends on what he's asking for.
#2.. Jeff Cirillo is NOT coming back, so get that out of your head and get on with your life.. Why would a hitter want to leave Coors field? (Of course, this is baseball and sometimes funny things happen).
#3.. The same can be said for David Wells, why anyone would still entertain the idea of that blowhard slob in the Brewers clubhouse is beyond me (unless he takes a paycut, cleans up his appearance and attitude, maybe then).
#4.. I hear Al Leiter's name kicked around as a big name on the wish list, I see this or Glendon Rusch as one of the possible "big trades" for Burnitz in the off season. Leider would be the veteran shot in the arm I think this rotation needs. And always looking for lefty starters.
#5.. I think the collective bargaining agreement will be extended for 1 to 3 years, not sure if any sweeping changes will be made in terms of player finances, but expect a couple of smaller ones.
#6.. Gary "Sarge" Matthews will be the new batting coach (again).. Look for strokes to be cut down, averages to go up..
#7.. Jeromy Burnitz will be traded, and he will jaw about Milwaukee, it's fans, the weather, the team, and the uniforms.
#8.. Mark Loretta will either be packaged up in a trade or be the roving infielder again, his speed, average defense and propensity to receive fairly serious injuries at inopportune times in a season makes a direct man for man trade unlikely. He's on his final year of his contract anyway..
#9.. Tylor Houston will be part of a 3rd base platoon situation.. He has shown remarkable defensive play and some good discipline at the plate, has been injured a bit, but for what he delivers and his relatively low salary make him a great bargain. Look for a pickup here as well in a platoon situation..
#10.. Oscar Acosta may very well be the Brewers new pitching coach, under him look for less babysitting and more nuts and bolts type of coaching, this young staff really needs it..
#11.. The brewers pick up Devon White's contract after he agrees to take a substantial paycut. Burnitz is gone, moving Hammonmds to right, and "player to be named later" (Cedeno) to center. Hammonds is more comfortable at right anyway..
#12.. Davey Lopes will have only 1/2 of the season next year to prove his stuff or else he will be gone. With Miller Park here, people are going to be even less tolerant of losing teams, and Lopes will be next fall guy.
#13 If Vasgersian leaves, Lenny Kasper will be the go to guy (for now).. Or Gorman Thomas (cool!).
#14.. Jim Powell will NOT get stuck in any elevators next season.
#15.. Look also for a change at catcher, a platoon of Blanco, Cassanova and Brown (Blanco's lousy hitting will be addressed in the off season, one way or another..)
#16.. Pitching mound will be raised
#17.. Jeff D'Amico will have to prove his stuff also, with the results of his latest surgery proving successful, and him throwing pain free for the last month of the season, look for him to again surprise, provided he can be healthy..
#18.. Jimmy Haynes will be traded. His inconsistencies will no longer be tolerated. Look for him to be packaged up with someone also..
#19.. Bernie Brewer will throw cottage cheese and barbecue sauce on all non-Brewers fans (especially if they are from Illinois).
#20.. The Rally Rabbit shall be revealed and it is NOT Bill Michaels..GASP!
As I've said before these are only opinions and speculation based on the facts that I've seen and heard up to this point.. I could be WAY off...

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