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The Truth About the Milwaukee Brewers

on 12/28/2001

"With the opposing pitcher throwing junk, the Brewers are still screwing themselves into the dirt trying to hit the ball out of the park."

We have been waiting patiently for someone to explain to us what has happened to the Milwaukee Brewer this year, and the year before, and the year before that, etc. It seems everyone chooses to dance around the issue maybe in a misguided attempt to not bruise sensitive feelings or perhaps because we want to believe that the mystique is alive and well. Let us consider some obvious problems. After playing and coaching baseball for 35 years it is not difficult to see the lack of basic fundamentals with the Brewers. Why do pitchers throw the ball down the middle with an 0-2 count? Why is it a fact that this team cannot bunt the ball when the situation calls for it? Why are they unable to hit behind the runner, execute the hit and run, cover the correct base on defense, and eliminate continued base running errors?

The most glaring problem occurs with two strikes on a batter. With the opposing pitcher throwing junk, the Brewers are still screwing themselves into the dirt trying to hit the ball out of the park. Is it any mystery that they lead the league in strikeouts? That is not by accident. Professional players are well aware that at that point it is imperative that one makes contact and keeps the ball between the lines somewhere. However, in their minds and perhaps in the minds of the fans the only good hit is one that clears the fence. That is the only thing that brings smiles to the players because after all, that is the only thing that matters come contract time. Do I smell the G word here? Are we seeing selfishness displayed at the highest level? Wendy, you don't need high priced players! You need TEAM players. Give me 8 players who can consistently hit 290+ and are capable of executing the fundamentals versus a team with 3 players who hit 30 home runs a year. Guess which team will win more games according to statistics? And yet we never see a coach or manager getting in a player's face when they come off the field after screwing up so badly as we see in the other sports. Players seem to be more concerned with how much tobacco they can stuff into their cheek. It appears that they are satisfied just to be a major league ball player and collect a nice paycheck. Why is it that our team has more injuries year after year than any other team in MLB? There is no off season conditioning program as other teams have. Wake up Milwaukee! Is it too much to expect? It is that you are not making enough money to make a commitment? (By the way, where is MLB's contribution to the disaster out East?) You cannot turn it on and off. The body does not work that way. It is a 365 day a year proposition. Get real!

Many of my friends have season tickets and support the Brewers in the hopes that this charade will turn itself around but even they are losing their patience. It has gotten so bad that the fans sitting around me are not paying attention to the game because they know what the inevitable outcome will be. These problems will not be fixed until a manager comes along who will not be afraid to confront the prima donnas on the Brewers team, one who will demand at least an ATTEMPT at proper execution of baseball fundamentals. Maybe when that happens people will go to the ballpark to watch baseball instead of going there just for the good food.


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  The Truth About the Milwaukee Brewers

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