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2008 Draft
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Rank Name Pos B/T H/W NCAA/HS School/State Comments
-05 Hicks, Aaron CF S/R 6-1/160 High School Woodrow Wilson (CA) Electric 5-tool talent as an OF, power FB, hammer CB as RHP
-03 Posey, Buster C R/R 6-2/200 College Florida State Athletic backstop with cannon arm & contact bat
00 Gillaspie, Conor 3B L/R 6-1/200 College Wichita State Tough and gritty contact hitter with excellent approach to hitting
02 Melville, Tim RHP R/R 6-5/205 High School Wentzville Holt (MO) Tall, athletic RHP with good stuff, even better command
04 Weeks, Jemile 2B S/R 5-9/165 College Miami Rickie
06 Cashner, Andrew CL R/R 6-5/195 College TCU Large-framed RHP that has thrived since being moved to closer's role
07 Fields, Josh CL R/R 6-0/180 College Georgia Shorter righty closer with dynamic 2-pitch punch
08 Long, Kyle LHP L/L 6-7/280 High School St. Anne's Belfield (VA) Son of Howie, mammoth LHP/1B with big-time power both ways
09 Skipworth, Kyle C L/R 6-3/195 High School Patriot (CA) Tall, athletic catcher with powerful lefty stick
10 Perry, Ryan CL R/R 6-4/200 College Arizona Live-armed college closer whose stuff may be unrivaled in this draft
11 Burnett, Luke CL R/R 6-8/260 College Louisiana Tech Strongly built RHP with power stuff suited for short relief
12 Martinez, Harold 3B R/R 6-3/185 High School Braddock (FL) Big bodied infielder with advanced approach & power to all fields
13 Chisenhall, Lonnie 3B L/R 6-2/190 Junior College Pitt JC (NC) Sweet lefty swing and big numbers starting to over shadow background issues
14 Cooper, David 1B L/L 6-1/190 College Cal Berkeley Polished lefty slugger having a big year at Cal
15 Thames, Eric LF L/L 6-1/200 College Pepperdine Polished lefty hitter that makes consistent, hard contact having big spring
16 Meyer, Alex RHP R/R 6-7/200 High School Greensburg (IN) Big, workhorse RHP with power fastball-slider one-two punch
17 Cole, Gerrit RHP R/R 6-3/190 High School Orange Lutheran (CA) Perfectly projectable RHP with power arsenal
18 Scheppers, Tanner RHP R/R 6-4/200 College Fresno State Projectable righty with power fastball-slider arsenal
19 Davis, Ike 1B L/L 6-5/215 College Arizona State Tall and strong left-handed hitter with big-time power potential
20 Lawrie, Brett C R/R 6-0/200 High School Brookswood (British Columbia) Prep Canadian infielder/catcher prospect with power bat, arm
21 Raben, Dennis RF L/L 6-3/220 College Miami Thick and powerful 1B/OF with swing made for wood bats
22 Gray, Sonny RHP R/R 6-0/185 High School Smyrna (TN) Shorter yet athletic RHP with electric arm
23 Wallace, Brett 1B L/R 6-1/245 College Arizona State Soft-bodied 1B with a patient approach and power
24 Crow, Aaron RHP R/R 6-2/205 College Missouri Strong-armed RHP on the rise with impressive command, improving offspeed stuff
25 Nieto, Adrian C S/R 6-0/195 High School American Heritage (FL) Powerful switch-hitting catcher with aggressive approach to the game
26 Smoak, Justin 1B S/L 6-3/200 College South Carolina Natural run-producer as a switch hitter with power to all fields
27 Weatherford, Aaron CL R/R 6-0/190 College Mississippi State Shorter righty with power arsenal and mindset for closing
28 Beckham, Tim SS R/R 6-2/190 High School Griffin (GA) Silky smooth shortstop with promising bat, improving power
29 Green, Scott RHP R/R 6-8/240 College Kentucky Big and powerful RHP with improving stuff
30 Darnell, James 3B R/R 6-2/195 College South Carolina Athletic and rangy IF/OF with power arm, bat
31 Beckham, Gordon SS R/R 6-0/180 College Georgia Exciting SS with considerable pop in his bat
32 Alonso, Yonder 1B L/R 6-2/215 College Miami Big, imposing and patient slugger with sweet lefty swing
33 Colllier, Zach CF L/L 6-2/185 High School Chino Hills (CA) Quickly rising prep OF with promising lefty swing
34 Alvarez, Pedro 3B L/R 6-2/225 College Vanderbilt Lefty slugger is a natural run producer, the best college hitter since Alex Gordon
35 Kelly, Casey SS R/R 6-3/190 High School Sarasota (FL) Extremely athletic two-way talent that could star on gridiron as QB
36 Lobstein, Kyle LHP L/L 6-3/180 High School Coconino (CA) Projectable lefty with loose arm and improving stuff
37 Hosmer, Eric 1B L/L 6-4/210 High School American Heritage (FL) Sweet swing, slick fielding first baseman
38 Hunt, Shooter RHP R/R 6-3/205 College Tulane Big bodied RHP with good, but inconsistent stuff
39 Seaton, Ross RHP L/R 6-4/215 High School Second Baptist (TX) Tall and projectable righty with improving stuff
40 Miley, Wade LHP R/L 6-2/185 College Southeastern Louisiana Old-school lefty with good stuff, power heater yet inconsistent command
41 Hood, Destin LF R/R 6-2/180 High School St. Paul's Academy (AL) Strong, physical athlete that projects best as a power-hitting corner OF
42 Murphy, Tim LHP L/L 6-2/200 College UCLA Former 2-way talent that is flourishing focusing on pitching
43 Hunter, Brett RHP R/R 6-4/215 College Pepperdine Tall, athletic RHP with power arsenal, could be a closer
44 Ross, Tyson RHP R/R 6-6/230 College California Tall righty with approach and stuff that belies his size
45 Webb, Daniel RHP R/R 6-3/205 High School Heath (KY) Perfectly proportioned RHP with improving stuff
46 Sample, Tyler RHP L/R 6-7/220 High School Mullen (CO) Towering RHP from Colorado with good stuff but need for refinement
47 Miller, Quinton RHP R/R 6-2/180 High School Shawnee (NJ) Projectable, heady righty with good FB command, polished approach to pitching
48 Ladendorf, Tyler SS R/R 6-2/210 Junior College Howard JC (TX) Speed demon with exciting tool set and improving power potential
49 Castro, Jason C L/R 6-3/215 College Stanford Strong defensive catcher with improving, powerful lefty stick
50 DeVall, Brett LHP R/L 6-4/220 High School Niceville (FL) Big bodied lefty that relies more on command and movement than stuff
51 Gutierrez, Carlos RHP R/R 6-3/205 College Miami Tall and lanky RHP with good repertoire and movement
52 Friedrich, Christian LHP R/L 6-3/210 College Eastern Kentucky Smooth lefty with a good fastball, wicked curve
53 Carpenter, Chris RHP R/R 6-4/210 College Kent State Big, powerful righty with power arsenal but some past injury concerns
54 St. Clair, Cole LHP L/L 6-5/225 College Rice Polished lefty with good stuff, fresh arm and deception
55 Montgomery, Mike LHP L/L 6-5/180 High School Hart (CA) Tall, projectable lefty with improving stuff and polished approach
56 Matusz, Brian LHP L/L 6-4/193 College San Diego Projectable, tall and lanky lefty with solid 3-pitch repertoire
57 Bittle, Scott CL R/R 6-2/185 College Mississippi Nasty short reliever with cutter/slider combo that is tough to hit
58 Dysktra, Allan 1B L/R 6-5/225 College Wake Forest Intimidating 1B with big-time power and a very patient eye at the plate
59 Mooneyham, Brett LHP L/L 6-4/215 High School Buhach Colony (CA) Tall and lanky lefty with strong build and improving raw stuff
60 Jungmann, Taylor RHP R/R 6-5/180 High School Rogers (TX) Long and lean, projectable RHP with promising fastball, slider combo
61 Hewitt, Anthony 3B R/R 6-1/190 High School Salisbury School (NY) Super athletic infielder/outfielder with speed, strong arm and budding power
62 Martin, Ethan 3B R/R 6-3/200 High School Stephens County (GA) Power bat, arm makes him the ideal third baseman
63 Avery, Xavier CF L/L 6-0/185 High School Cedar Grove (GA) Super athletic CF with slashing bat & speed to burn
64 Paramore, Petey C S/R 6-2/210 College Arizona State Slugging switch-hitter with patient eye & improving defensive skills
65 Crawford, Brandon SS L/R 6-2/200 College UCLA Somewhat raw yet immensely talented 5-tool LH hitting SS
66 Lynn, Lance RHP R/R 6-5/260 College Mississippi Big and imposing righty with good fastball, shaky offspeed stuff
67 Grossman, Robbie CF S/L 6-1/195 High School Cypress-Fairbanks (TX) Scrappy and intense CF with good tools highlighted by speed
68 Jacobson, Brett RHP R/R 6-6/205 College Vanderbilt Perfectly projectable RHP with good arsenal but inconsistent command
69 Schlereth, Daniel CL L/L 6-1/210 College Arizona Shorter short-reliever with very good FB-SL combo for late innings
70 Jefferies, Jake C L/R 6-3/200 College UC Davis Polished all-around catcher with contact lefty bat and sound defensive tools
71 Jimenez, Antonio C R/R 6-1/170 High School Academia Dicipulo de Cristo (PR) Extremely athletic catcher with 5-tool talent
72 Galloway, Isaac CF R/R 6-3/190 High School Los Osos (CA) 5-tool CF with exciting power and speed combo
73 Adams, David 2B R/R 6-2/205 College Virginia Polished & potential impact bat at second base
74 Gose, Anthony LHP L/L 6-1/185 High School Bellflower (CA) Electric LHP/CF prospect with power arm and game-changing speed
75 Price, Bryan CL R/R 6-4/200 College Rice Power closer candidate with mid-90s heater and mid-80s power slider
76 Lindblom, Josh CL R/R 6-5/240 College Purdue Hulking closer with deadly fastball-slider combo
77 Hand, Brad LHP L/L 6-2/205 High School Chaska (MN) Powerfully built lefty with good athleticism and power bat
78 Odorizzi, Jake RHP R/R 6-2/170 High School Highland (IL) Athletic righty with loose, electric arm and power stuff
79 Spruill, Zeke RHP R/R 6-4/190 High School Kell (GA) Tall, projectable righty with nice sinker-slider combo
80 Maronde, Nick LHP S/L 6-3/195 High School Lexington Catholic (KY) Polished, sturdy LHP with solid 3-pitch arsenal
81 Stovall, Tyler LHP L/L 6-1/185 High School Hokes Bluff (AL) Athletic lefty with very good curve, good FB command
82 Satterwhite, Cody CL R/R 6-5/200 College Mississippi FB equally big as athletic stature, inconsistent breaking stuff will lead to role as closer
83 Putnam, Zach RHP R/R 6-2/215 College Michigan 2-way star that profiles best as a starter at the next level
84 Hermsen, B.J. RHP R/R 6-5/225 High School West Delaware (IA) Big, hulking righty with power stuff & intimidating presence
85 Austin, Jay CF L/L 6-1/180 High School North Atlanta (GA) 5-tool CF with very good speed and budding power
86 Palazzone, Michael RHP R/R 6-3/190 High School Lassiter (GA) Killer curve highlights repertoire, questionable delivery
87 Marrs, Daniel RHP R/R 6-3/190 High School James River (VA) Good-sized, projectable RHP with good stuff & savvy
88 Chatwood, Tyler C R/R 6-0/175 High School Redlands East (CA) Versatile prep athlete could play any position on field
89 Vasquez, Niko SS R/R 6-0/175 High School Durango (NV) Solid shortstop with good not great overall tools and gap-to-gap bat
90 Amezquita, Chris SS R/R 6-2/190 High School Servite (CA) Tall and rangy IF with potential impact bat
91 Fredrickson, Evan LHP L/L 6-6/250 College San Francisco Big bodied lefty with very good stuff but with serious control issues
92 Holt, Brad RHP R/R 6-4/195 College UNC Wilmington Rising RHP thanks to improve FB command of low-to-mid-90s heater
93 Thompson, Jacob RHP R/R 6-6/200 College Virginia Tall and lanky RHP with average heater, plus curve and proven results
94 Shafer, Aaron RHP L/R 6-5/205 College Wichita State RHP with perfect stature and good yet inconsistent stuff
95 Danks, Jordan CF L/R 6-5/210 College Texas Tall CF with exciting blend of speed & power
96 Havens, Reese SS L/R 6-1/195 College South Carolina Good all around shortstop with some pop in lefty bat
97 Silverstein, Scott LHP L/L 6-6/225 High School St. John's College Prep (MD) Tall and lanky LHP with good command and decent stuff
98 Martin, Jarret LHP L/L 6-3/200 High School Centennial (CA) Low-90s FB, knockout curve has this lefty on the rise
99 Kieschnick, Roger RF L/R 6-3/200 College Texas Tech Prototypical RF with power bat & arm
100 Stewart, Zach CL R/R 6-1/200 College Texas Tech Converted starter with a power sinker-slider arsenal

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