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Toby's Power 50
  Power 50 Notes
last updated: 04/10/2003

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Nice batch of minor leaguers here - surely a few will make their mark in baseball history. Use the Internet to learn about the history of baseball, from baseball drafts to baseball drills.
  Power 50
+/- Rank  Name  Level  Pos  Age 
 01 Nelson, Brad   A   1B 37 L R
  No extra base hits so far for Nelly, but no strikeouts, either
 02 Jones, Mike   A   MR 36 R R
  Fairly inauspicious AA debut, but it is something to build on
 03 Hendrickson, Ben   MLB   SP 38 R R
  Two home runs given up in two starts is sort of weird for Ben
 04 Hardy, J.J.   MLB   SS 37 R R
  Has been scary good so far at the plate, a sign of things to come?
 05 Hart, Corey   A   OF 37 R R
  Off to a slow start at the plate and in the field
 06 Parra, Manny   A   MR 37 L L
  Finally got to start his first game as a Snapper and did well, 1 run in 5 innings
 07 Fielder, Prince   A   1B 35 L R
  Home run in 2003 debut continues to further the legend
 08 Krynzel, Dave   MLB   CF 38 L L
  Nagging hamstring injury could keep Dave day-to-day for awhile
 09 Diggins, Ben   A   MR 40 R R
  One again effective in AA, but the peripheral numbers still don't jump out
 10 Cruz, Enrique   A   SS 38 R R
  Not embarrassing himself in Milwaukee because he's not playing
 11 Ford, Matt   A   MR 38 S L
  How long can the scoreless streak go?
 12 Belcher, Jason   A   RF 37 L R
  Served a three game suspension carried over from last season and is now taking aggression out on baseballs
2  13 Martinez, Luis   MLB   SP 39 L L
  If not for a pitch count, Luis may have broken the Huntsville record for K's in a game in his first start
 14 Carpenter, Calvin   A   SP 37 R R
  Still waiting to make debut, as are most Snappers pitchers
2  15 Hall, Billy   MLB   3B 39 R R
  He's not hitting, but no one else in Indy is either, so that's OK, I guess
 16 Johnson, Kade   A   C 41 R R
  Appears to be swinging at a lot of stuff and that plate discipline thing isn't going so well early on
2  17 Liriano, Pedro   A   SP 39 R R
  Pretty inconsistant in his first AA start, dominant at times and very average at other times
1  18 Chavez, Ozzie   A   IF 36 S R
  Working back from a broken hand suffered in March and is still a week or more away
1  19 Clark, D.J.   A   LF 40 L R
  So far Daryl is doing a good job trying to prove that the staff was wrong in putting him back in High Desert
 20 Murray, Josh   A   3B 35 R R
  With Hardy tearing it up a couple levels above, Murray might be tried at third or second later on this season
 21 Gold, J.M.   A   SP 39 R R
  A week into the season and still healthy! Yah!
 22 Moss, Steve   A   CF 35 R R
  If Steve can put up a .400 OBP this season in Beloit, he may be in the top 10 by the end of the season
 23 Ballouli, Khalid   A   SP 39 R R
  Still waiting to make season debut
 24 Thomas, Eric M.   A   SP 38 R R
  Maybe the Snapper said they'd have to wait to add Mega to the roster because of jersey-size issues
 25 Zoccolillo, Peter   AAA   RF 42 L R
  The addition of Conti to the Indianapolis roster better not take any playing time away from Zocco
 26 Morris, Chris   A   CF 40 S R
  Krynzel's injury won't help Morris' advancement through the system any
 27 Guerrero, Cristian   MLB   RF 39 R R
  Last week I predicted that Cris would hit about .280 this season, and I'm about ready to retract that already
2  28 Adams, Mike   MLB   CL 41 R R
  Beginning his quest to once again be advanced two levels in a season on the right foot
 29 Childers, Matt   A   MR 41 R R
  Pitched long relief in finishing out an extra-innings game and has been used as a middle reliever = huh?
3  30 Lawrence, Joe   A   C 42 R R
  Manager Cecil Cooper seems intent on keeping Lawrence in the lineup, and it's probably only a matter of time before we see him in CF
 31 Wilhelmsen, Tom   A   MR 36 R R
  Starting season in Beloit, and what's more, is going to make some starts
4  32 Veras, Wilton   A   3B 41 R R
  Not hitting yet, and if he doesn't start, has a very tenuous hold on a Power 50 spot
1  33 Ramirez, Carlos   A   SP 35 L L
  Wilhelmson can start in Beloit, why can't Carlos? I'm bitter
1  34 Crabbe, Callix   A   UT 36 S R
  There is going to be a cat-fight for the best second base prospect in the system this season, and Callix has the early leg up
1  35 Scarborough, Steve   A   SS 41 R R
  As is a running theme, not hitting in AAA; didn't hit in AAA last season either; eeek
 36 Plasencia, Francisco   A   CF 35 L L
  Why doesn't our beloved webmaster like Francisco as much as he loves Manuel Melo?
 37 Stavros, Tony   A   CL 39 R R
  Early lesson on why High Desert is not a fun place to pitch
 38 Raburn, Johnny   A   IF 40 S R
  OBP up, BA down; Johnny needs to be doing some damage in the Cal League
2  39 Villanueva, Froilan   A   C 41 R R
  He is on the High Desert roster after all, but playing third base
1  40 Steitz, Jon   A   MR 39 R R
  Hasn't pitched yet for Beloit, and does he really need any more time to think before taking the mound for the first time this season?
1  41 Hall, Dan   A   SP 40 R R
  First start could have gone better, but that is the status quo for the Mavs' rotation
 42 Gemoll, Brandon   A   1B 39 L L
  Brandon is a pretty big guy, so it's surprising that he only hits for the power he does
 43 Nance, Shane   A   MR 42 L L
  One of the few members of the Brewers staff not to have at least one horrendous outing
 44 Hall, Bo   MLB   MR 39 R R
  Not in the Beloit rotation? Blech
 45 Paz, Rich   A   UT 42 R R
  Splitting time with Chris Barnwell at second base for the Stars
2  46 Esparragoza, Pedro   A   C 37 R R
  Hopefully we see a pretty even split between Vanden Berg and Pedro behind the dish for the Snappers
 47 Coco, Pasqual   A   SP 42 R R
  Signed so late in spring that this is almost spring training for Pasqual, so if he pitches well now, it's an added bonus
2  48 Ramirez, Manny   A   1B 37 R R
  Quickly losing Power 50 steam with a non-assignment
 49 Carter, Nic   A   MR 39 S R
  Along with Murray, attempting to justify the Brewers' high drafting of himself in Beloit
 50 Vanden Berg, John   A   C 39 R R
  Got the opening day start for the Snapper at catcher

Players removed this week:

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