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Toby's Power 50
  Power 50 Notes
last updated: 06/19/2004

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Nice batch of minor leaguers here - surely a few will make their mark in baseball history. Use the Internet to learn about the history of baseball, from baseball drafts to baseball drills.
  Power 50
+/- Rank  Name  Level  Pos  Age 
 01 Fielder, Prince   A   1B 35 L R
  Rebounded a bit at the plate, getting his batting average back into the .260s and .270s... this is hopefully a sign of good things to come
 02 Hardy, J.J.   MLB   SS 37 R R
  I'm not sure whether it is a good thing or not that J.J. is still #2 and Weeks is still stuck at #3
 03 Weeks, Rickie   A   2B 37 R R
  Hey, maybe having virtually everyone of consequence (like Weeks) skip High Desert isn't such a good idea... A .240 batting average for Rickie and a good number of K's - ick
 04 Nelson, Brad   A   1B 36 L R
  It has been Brad's turn to struggle at the plate the past few weeks, and he's seen his batting average drop nearly 20 points since last we talked
 05 Hart, Corey   A   OF 37 R R
  On pace for 30+ doubles and 20+ home runs in AAA, and those projections may be low if he can get his batting average back up to where it should be
 06 Hendrickson, Ben   MLB   SP 38 R R
  Ben was leading the International League in ERA up until a few days ago, and is still in the top 3... watch out, Wes Obermueller
 07 Parra, Manny   A   MR 37 L L
  Should be no more than 1-2 starts away from a promotion to Huntsville
 08 Jones, Mike   A   MR 36 R R
  Back on the mound with the Stars, let's hope Mike can stay off the DL for awhile now
 09 Krynzel, Dave   MLB   CF 38 L L
  When Dave gets healthy again, if he loses any playing time to Peter Bergeron, my wrath will be felt
new  10 Rogers, Mark   A   SP 33 R R
  A Brewerfan Power 50 congrats to Mark and his family on their addition to the Brewers' family!
1  11 Palmisano, Lou   A   C 37 R R
  The Cap'n has seen his playing time drop off a little but recent, so let's hope everything is OK on the injury front
1  12 De La Rosa, Jorge   MLB   MR 38 L L
  Remember when Jorge was shut down almost a month ago so he could rest his arm for a start or two?
 13 Eveland, Dana   MLB   SP 36 L L
  With those home runs allowed coming way down, it's almost tempting to think about promoting Dana to High Desert
1  14 Adams, Mike   MLB   CL 41 R R
  Mike is getting too few innings in Milwaukee, setting this up to be one of the slowest rides off into the sunset in Power 50 history
3  15 Ford, Matt   A   MR 38 S L
  Slowly but surely getting stronger... thing is, Matt is stuck in the mud while others are starting to zoom past him
2  16 Sarfate, Dennis   MLB   MR 38 R R
  If things don't start looking a lot better in the second half, Dennis may be looking at repeating Huntsville in '05
 17 Bennett, Jeff   A   MR 39 R R
  It is conceivable that Jeff will graduate off of the Power 50 in a month as Yost seems more and more comfortable using him
2  18 Liriano, Pedro   A   SP 39 R R
  Pedro's spot on the 40-man roster may be in jeopardy if he doesn't start showing some consistency in Indianapolis
1  19 Gwynn Jr, Tony   MLB   OF 37 L R
  Like the rest of the Huntsville offense, Junior is once again stopped dead in his tracks at the plate
1  20 Saenz, Chris   A   SP 38 R R
  Chris might be one of the next options the Brewers think about when they need a pitcher in AAA
 21 Moss, Steve   A   CF 35 R R
  Batting average is back over .200 - that's pretty cool
new  22 Baker, Josh   A   MR 37 R R
  Our first Power 50 entrant from the 2004 draft, Baker isn't a potential front-line starter right now, but he's good, and he'll get through the system quickly
1  23 Diggins, Ben   A   MR 40 R R
  The Brewers have been mysteriously silent about Diggins' return, so let's hope we hear something soon
 24 Bruso, Greg   A   SP 39 R R
  No new news on Greg's return, but it should occur within the next couple of weeks
 25 Housman, Jeff   A   MR 38 L L
  Southern League batters are hitting .282 off of Housman this season, an increase from his time spent in Huntsville last season
new  26 Wahpepah, Josh   A   MR 35 R R
  Our recent third rounder has a little bit of a funky throwing motion, but his arm alone makes him a high level prospect
7  27 Ballouli, Khalid   A   SP 39 R R
  Past three or four starts have probably been the worst three or four starts of Khalid's life
2  28 Vanden Berg, John   A   C 39 R R
  John appears to be maxing out as a gap-type hitter with a whole lot more doubles than home runs in a batter-friendly ballpark
2  29 Crabbe, Callix   A   UT 36 S R
  Will be worthy of a promotion during the second half of the season, but Callix will once again have to contend with a position change to accomodate Weeks
2  30 Gemoll, Brandon   A   1B 39 L L
  Would it be too easy to ship Brandon back to Huntsville as long as he's not playing all the time in Indy?
1  31 Woolard, Glenn   A   SP 38 R R
  Whether it's because he's in the bullpen or whether it's because of the promotion, Glenn has totally lost track of the strike zone in AA
1  32 Harper, Jesse   A   SP 39 R R
  The waiver claim from the Blue Jays has made two very good starts with the Mavericks
1  33 Hawk, Tommy   A   SP 34 R R
  Not good in Beloit, and then his arm started acting up... welcome to the Brewers organization, Tommy
1  34 Fermaint, Charlie   A   CF 34 R R
  Suprise assignment to Helena, though Charlie is going to have to rotate in the outfield with about 3-4 other guys
2  35 Johnson, Kade   A   C 41 R R
  No one claimed Kade up on waivers when he was DFA'd by the Brewers, so you know how far he's fallen when catching help is so hard to find
 36 Chavez, Ozzie   A   IF 36 S R
  Back to struggling after some initial success with the Stars
 37 Wooley, Robbie   A   SP 35 R R
  Very nice to see Robbie's name back in the box score, and best of luck to him this short-season
4  38 Rottino, Vinny   MLB   UT 39 R R
  Took a couple walks the other day, but besides that, still has been struggling a little bit at the plate
1  39 Kloosterman, Greg   A   SP 37 L L
  Back in the saddle in Beloit after taking a few weeks off with some arm soreness
new  40 Salome, Angel   A   OF 33 R R
  Has already been compared to Manny Ramirez (same high school) and Ivan Rodriguez (same build), and Angel hasn't even taken a pro at-bat... whoa!
1  41 Hinton, Travis   AA   1B 39 L L
  Quietly putting together one of the better seasons of any Brewers minor leaguer, though playing on a crappy team doesn't help with exposure
1  42 Opdyke, Bryan   A   C 35 L R
  Not making the Helena squad is a disappointment, but Bryan has to go back to Arizona and prove the Brewers wrong and not pout about it
4  43 Cruz, Enrique   A   SS 38 R R
  Enrique is going to get a few more weeks on the Power 50, and then he's going to have to earn his way back on
 44 Slack, Nick   A   CL 36 R R
  Nick could turn into a Saenz-type reliever next season in Huntsville
4  45 Heether, Adam   MLB   IF 37 R R
  Not a huge prospect yet, but Adam is hitting for more and more power all the time and seems to have a good idea at the plate
1  46 Rodriguez, Guilder   A   IF 36 S R
  With the way Will Lewis is playing in his stead, Guilder may have to be demoted to Helena just to get some playing time when he comes back
 47 Taubenheim, Ty   A   SP 37 R R
  The Snappers appear to be moving Ty away from the closer's role as Dillard has been pitching the end of games more recently, but it might be a good idea to stretch Tauby's arm out a little anyway
new  48 Novinsky, John   A   MR 40 R R
  The new Stars' closer has quietly put together a very nice season and is still gaining some arm strength after Tommy John surgery a couple years
1  49 Bibbs, Kennard   A   RF 39 L L
  The one thing that'll keep KB from moving higher up the prospect chain is his inability to draw more walks, which is a necessity for a player his size
new  50 Dillard, Tim   A   MR 36 R R
  Beloit's catcher-turned-sinkerball specialist has put together a good few seasons since signing as a DFE prior to last year's draft

Players removed this week: Gilberto Acosta... Tim Bausher... Jason Belcher... Dan Boyd... Chris Morris... Paul Stewart...

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