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Toby's Power 50
  Power 50 Notes
last updated: 09/02/2008

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Nice batch of minor leaguers here - surely a few will make their mark in baseball history. Use the Internet to learn about the history of baseball, from baseball drafts to baseball drills.
  Power 50
+/- Rank  Name  Level  Pos  Age 
 01 Gamel, Mat   A   1B 34 L R
  While Mat isn't the hands down #1 prospect in the system, he certainly has as much upside as any of his offensive cohorts. I'll be very curious to see if he gets any starts at third during his September call-up.
1  02 Escobar, Alcides   MLB   SS 33 R R
  It seems suitable enough to insert Power 50 stock comment #31.b into this space: "It's really just a matter of prospect 1A and 1B, and this guy just happens to be B."
1  03 Jeffress, Jeremy   A   MR 32 R R
  Congratulations to Jeremy for being named Organizational Pitcher of the Year and here's to a full, successful season n 2009!
 04 Salome, Angel   A   OF 33 R R
  You've convinced us Angel, you can hit. You lead the Southern League in batting average. Now, convince us of your defense and the sky's the limit.
 05 Lucroy, Jonathan   MLB   C 33 R R
  Speaking of catchers hitting, Lucroy hit and then some in his first taste of full season ball, and continues to progress defensively. It's no disrespect to be referred to as the second best catching prospect in this system.
new  06 Lawrie, Brett   A   2B 29 R R
  Speaking of not being the best catching prospect in the system, Lawrie will enter the catching fray next spring third on the prospect depth chart in the system. In many other systems, he'd be the #1 catching prospect with a bullet.
1  07 Green, Taylor   A   IF 33 L R
  Taylor missed the last few weeks of the season with a wrist bruise and is one of the guys who might be the PTBNL in the Sabathia deal. Only time will tell on that, but heal up!
 08 Brantley, Michael   MLB   OF 32 L L
  Good news is Brantley's isolated power (slugging minus batting average) went up from 2007 to 2008. Bad news is that it went up from .077 to .079. Mike is a heckuva prospect, but the power thing continues to be worrying. Will he be the guy to Cleveland?
 09 Cain, Lorenzo   MLB   CF 33 R R
  Very nice progress at the plate this year from Cain, and he played a lot of center field for Huntsville to further add to his value.
3  10 Gillespie, Cole   MLB   LF 35 R R
  The quietest 858 OPS in Southern League history? Gillespie remains the best prospect in the system that no one talks about.
1  11 Odorizzi, Jake   MLB   SP 29 R R
  Didn't have a mind-blowing pro debut or anything in Arizona, but he held his own and may have put himself into a position to compete for a spot in full season ball next spring.
 12 Gindl, Caleb   A   OF 31 L L
  Caleb just got better and better and better as the season rolled on. Although the strikeouts remained high, an 862 OPS from a 19 year old in A-ball is a tremendously good sign.
2  13 Braddock, Zach   A   MR 32 L L
  The Brewers continue to take it slow and careful with Zach... his final 8 appearances of '08 were out of the pen, and he finished the year with 71 innings on the books.
1  14 Periard, Alex   A   SP 32 L R
  Aside from one horrendous start, Alexandre acquitted himself well as a 21 year old in AA. And he still has time to add a little velocity to his heavy low 90's fastball.
6  15 Brewer, Brent   A   SS 32 R R
  After a crappy 250 AB to start the season, Brent finished the season with a solid kick in his last 200 AB. He still hasn't "broken out" but you get the feeling next year might be the year.
1  16 Dillard, Tim   A   MR 36 R R
  While Dillard had some problems with control upon his demotion back to Nashville from Milwaukee in June, he got those problems cleaned up in August.
3  17 Nelson, Brad   A   1B 37 L R
  It was quite a treat to see Brad Nelson finally in a Brewers uniform during the regular season. Now make 'em hang on to ya, Brad!
1  18 Anundsen, Evan   A   SP 31 R R
  Finished the year with an unheard-of 145 IP as a 20 year old in his first taste of A-ball. That speaks a lot to Evan's ability to pitch to contact and throw strikes. It also makes me think he may be destined for AA next season.
4  19 Aguilar, Omar   MLB   CL 34 L R
  Turned it on big-time in August for the Stars. He was so good at the end of the season that I thought he might get a look in Milwaukee, but it might be for the best that he lets his August be a confidence builder going into '09.
15  20 Scarpetta, Cody   A   SP 31 R R
  Shows us for dropping Cody off the Power 50 a few months back... 58 K's in his first pro 36.1 innings pitched. Not bad kid!
3  21 Nieves, Efrain   A   SP 30 L L
  This is the second year in a row where the ERA at the end of the season is nothing to write home about, but the rest of the results are real good. We'll be seeing soon-to-be 19 year old Efrain in A-ball next year for sure.
4  22 Pena, Luis   A   CL 36 R R
  You can throw as hard as you want but walking 47 guys in 49 AAA innings isn't something likely to get you promoted. Luis was fine early on this year so I hope it isn't an injury that derailed his second half.
5  23 Komatsu, Erik   A   OF 32 L L
  A small, left handed corner outfielder that had great success in Helena after being drafted... Caleb Gindl, meet your older twin.
15  24 Dykstra, Cutter   MLB   3B 30 R R
  An up and down first pro season for Cutter and a groin problem to boot. I'm quite sure he did enough to get a long look for A-ball in the spring. And will he get some looks at second base again too, perhaps?
9  25 Lintz, Seth   A   SP 29 R R
  An inauspicious debut (statistically at least) for the second rounder, but Rome wasn't built during it's 18 year old season either.
6  26 Errecart, Chris   A   1B 34 R L
  Errecart's numbers really took a nose dive after coming back from a wrist injury much faster than we thought he would. Get back to 100% and we'll see ya in 2009, Chris!
8  27 Iribarren, Hernan   MLB   2B 35 L R
  Not being called up to Milwaukee might be a hint as to what the Brewers think Hernan's future is in Milwaukee. Or, he could be the PTBNL to Cleveland. Wouldn't that be something?
3  28 Adams, Cody   A   SP 33 R R
  Good, not great, numbers for Helena in his pro debut. Cody still throws hard and looks to lead a very nice A-ball staff (in Appleton?) next year.
4  29 Wright, Brae   A   SP 36 L L
  Brae toiled in relative obscurity for a few years after being the 6th round pick in the '06 draft. Not any more... his very solid (if not exceptionally dominant) '08 campaign has him in the AFL, on the cusp of AAA and in the thoughts of Brewers staff for a Major League debut some time next year.
 30 Rivas, Amaury   A   SP 34 R R
  Recovered from Tommy John surgery and came out of nowhere this year to pitch 120 healthy innings and finish the year in Brevard. He throws hard enough and has good enough stuff to keep moving up the prospect ladder.
2  31 Haydel, Lee   A   OF 32 L R
  Has very good tools, and hit nearly .300 this year. Still has a ways to go with the fundamentals of the game, including base stealing and plate discipline, but the talent is undoubtedly there.
1  32 Seidel, R.J.   A   MR 32 R R
  RJ got through his first season of A-ball healthy, even if the results weren't top notch. He'll be just 21 next season, so there's still plenty of time to grow into his prototypical pitcher's frame.
7  33 Hand, Donovan   A   MR 33 R R
  After not being treated kindly by the majority of Southern League hitters, Donovon is more than likely headed back to Huntsville to begin '09.
6  34 Fryer, Eric   MLB   C 34 R R
  Who says catching prospects don't grow on trees? A few years ago, we'd all be hoping and praying Eric would turn out and we'd have a real live catching prospect. Now he's just the fourth guy on the list. Being in the top 10 prospects is passe, anyway.
11  35 Bramhall, Bobby   A   MR 34 L L
  Bramhall's season kind of snuck up on you if you weren't paying real close attention. After being a solid reliever April through June, Bobby made 8 starts in July and August, highlighted by 1 batter walked over 33 innings pitched in his final month. While not blessed with overwhelming stuff and probably still a relief prospect, Bramhall put his foot in the rotation door for next year, no doubt.
14  36 Frederickson, Evan   A   MR 33 L L
  The big thing about big Evan's pitching repertoire was his big velocity, but that was down a bit while he was in West Virginia. Hopefully everything is all right and the walk totals start coming down too.
4  37 Cody, Chris   A   SP 35 L L
  Career ERA of 2.12 for the Commander despite his whopping 84 MPH fastball. Can't wait to see how he out-craftifies AA hitters next year.
new  38 Peralta, Wily   A   SP 30 R R
  Is one of the big Latin American pitcher signees going to pan out? Peralta is healthy and well on his way with a blazing fastball and filthy slider.
1  39 Schafer, Logan   A   OF 33 L L
  Logan was aggressively promoted to West Virginia early in his pro career. While he started out hot, the bat faded a bit towards the end of the regular season. Hopefully his experience with the Power will do him well when he begins his first full season next year.
4  40 Zarraga, Shawn   MLB   C 30 S R
  Who says catching prospects don't grow on... I already used that line. Ladies and gentleman, the Brewers' 5th (count 'em) catching prospect in the Power 50. It's a golden age or something!
7  41 Welch, David   A   SP 36 L L
  While I don't know how much more time Welch is going to spend in the rotation, it's sure nice to see a guy advance rung by rung and reach AAA (hopefully next year, anyway) and get to the brink of MLB, even if he doesn't have the best stuff in the world.
 42 Farris, Eric   A   2B 33 R R
  After getting to West Virginia late due to injury, Farris had a pretty decent season, though the lack of walks and confinement to second base are concerning.
2  43 Wilson, Steffan   A   IF 33 R R
  It's tough to gloss over Wilson's big season at the plate, even if he doesn't have the best pure tools. Here's to another good season next year that's not quite so under the radar, Steffan!
1  44 Ramlow, Mike   A   MR 33 L L
  Wasn't demoted from Brevard back to West Virginia because of poor performance or anything, there was just a pitching jam. The Thin One should be a staple in the advanced A-ball rotation next year.
18  45 Bell, Michael   A   2B 34 R R
  A .289 OBP isn't going to work and Mike might be back in Huntsville to begin '09. He has a ton of talent and tools, just needs to get on base more.
3  46 Wooten, Rob   A   MR 34 R R
  Already a fan favorite on Brewerfan, Rob hasn't disappointed in his minor league career thus far. We might see him in Huntsville to begin next year.
15  47 Miller, Derek   A   SP 38 L L
  Never made it back to Huntsville after rehabbing in Brevard. He's turning 27 pretty soon, so good luck and Godspeed Derek.
11  48 Katin, Brendan   A   OF 36 R R
  13 walks in 321 AB's will be a point of stress for Brendan this offseason, no doubt.
1  49 Kjeldgaard, Brock   A   OF 33 R R
  Brock has shown he is indeed one of the most physically gifted players in the system by posting an 879 OPS in Helena after having not batted in a few years.
3  50 Chapman, Steve   A   1B 34 L L
  The power is undoubtedly there, but Steve just has to make better contact. I'm sure he knows this, and will work on getting his batting average up between now and spring training.

Players removed this week: Josh Butler... Robert Hinton...

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