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Huntsville Times
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Name Pos B T Ht Wt Age
Barnes, Jacob SP R R 6'-2" 228 24
Cravy, Tyler MR R R 6'-3" 194 24
Gagnon, Drew SP R R 6'-4" 190 23
Goforth, David CL R R 5'-11" 180 25
Hall, Brooks SP R R 6'-5" 194 23
Haniger, Mitch OF R R 6'-2" 180 23
Hopkins, Greg IF R R 6'-1" 195 25
Jungmann, Taylor SP R R 6'-6" 220 24
Kjeldgaard, Brock OF R R 6'-5" 235 28
Leon, Arcenio MR R R 6'-1" 225 27
Lowe, Johnnie MR R R 6'-5" 220 29
Marzec, Eric MR R R 5'-11" 217 26
Medlen, Casey MR R R 6'-0" 170 24
Paciorek, Joey C R R 6'-2" 220 25
Prince, Josh OF R R 6'-1" 188 26
Ramirez, Nick 1B L L 6'-3" 225 24
Ratterree, Michael OF R R 6'-1" 190 23
Richardson, D'Vontrey OF R R 6'-1" 205 25
Rogers, Jason 3B R R 6'-2" 267 26
Shackelford, Kevin MR R R 6'-5" 208 25
Shaw, Nick IF L R 6'-0" 161 25
Suter, Brent SP L L 6'-5" 200 24
Vucinich, Shea IF R R 6'-1" 180 25
Weisenburger, Adam C R R 5'-10" 185 25
Zarraga, Shawn C S R 6'-0" 250 25
  7-Day DL
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Name Pos Injury
Davis, Kentrail OF Groin (tweaked)
Moye, Andy MR Lower body
  Article Crawler
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Title Date
Huntsville Times: Peralta's long road to the cusp of stardom 2011-08-05
Huntsville Times: Power-hitting prospect Brock Kjeldgaard propelled into baseball by historic homer 2011-07-09
Huntsville Times: Wilson started his journey to All-Star Game with U-turn 2011-06-21
Sanford (NC) Herald: Wooten a call away from majors 2011-06-19
Huntsville Times: Morris makes a splash in his historic Stars' debut 2011-05-22
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Winkelsas, Joe (1.000)

At Bats
Moss, Steve (484)

Moss, Steve (27)

Braun, Ryan (15)

Crabbe, Callix (126)

K's (batting)
Moss, Steve (136)

K:BB (batting)
Winkelsas, Joe (0.00)

Winkelsas, Joe (1.000)

Winkelsas, Joe (2.000)

Eure, Jeff (54)

Moss, Steve (68)

Crabbe, Callix (32)

Winkelsas, Joe (1.000)

Anderson, Drew (4)

Moss, Steve (71)
Crabbe, Callix (71)

Capellan, Jose (0.00)
Eure, Jeff (0.00)
Jones, Mike (0.00)

Earned Runs
Dillard, Tim (57)

HR (pitching)
Dillard, Tim (10)

Hits (pitching)
Dillard, Tim (167)

K's (pitching)
Thurman, Corey (124)

K:BB (pitching)
Sheets, Ben (999.00)
Eure, Jeff (999.00)
Capellan, Jose (999.00)
Acuna, Ron (999.00)

Thurman, Corey (9)

Runs (pitching)
Dillard, Tim (76)

Valentine, Joe (13)

Capellan, Jose (0.00)

Walks (pitching)
Thurman, Corey (42)

Dillard, Tim (10)

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